Gods are no shadow: Blogger

Gods are no shadow: Blogger

 Gods are not overshadowed: Blogger Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about this story.

If you are very keen to listen to this type of story and this post is for you.

Hearing religious things changes one's mind a little for a few moments.

If the words start resonating in the ears, then the change of mind and the thought stream becomes pure.

Some words that hurt the top point of the mind. And finally at some point the thought of testing them comes to mind.

An ancient anecdote is prevalent in this subject.

At one time there was a very large group of robbers. The superintendent of that team used to inspect his companions with great vigor.

 He also used to explain them and get his rules strictly followed.

 Failure to obey the commandment was also punished very harshly.

 The shadow of the gods is a mystery.

The hero of the thieves had strictly forbidden all thieves to listen to religious things and pass through the religious site. Strict instructions were issued in this regard.

 If anyone violates it, he will be given the death penalty.

A thief asked the Sardar- if you read out of the same place due to Sardarji, what should we do.

Religious things will be heard.

 What is the solution for this?

 The Sardar said - Tie your ears well with a pot, and quickly run away from there. Therefore no words will be heard. Then all the thieves said okay it will do the same.

The chieftain of the thieves knew that if a thief partner listened to religious things, he would stop stealing and the whole work would be destroyed.

Once a thief had to go through the path. In the same path there was a deva temple and there was a ritual going on there.

A Mahatma was reciting religious discourses to the devotees.

It was evening time, due to some dark darkness, the path was not visible along the way.

He started thinking in the distant mind that I am not hearing any kind of address right now.

 So, going close, you will definitely hear some religious sentences. So he tied his ears tightly and ran very fast.

Coincidentally, he ran with all his life. On the way he stabbed him with a fork like this, he fell and started groaning with pain.

 Due to the pulling of the thorn, the eardrum tied to his ears was left, and at the same time Mahatma ji said - Dear listeners, I am telling you a deep story, that the gods are never shadowed. Remember this, that word resonates in the thief's ears, the gods are never shadowed.

He started thinking in his mind that I have heard so much, he tied the ears again and he started running at the same speed.

He did not tell this to anyone, every moment in his conscience those words used to be echoed that the gods are never shadowed.

There was a Devi temple outside the village. The thieves used to pray in the temple before being stolen as usual, that we should get a lot of money today.

We will not make any kind of speech disturb you.

They used to distribute whatever goods I got stolen in the same temple.

It was half-night when some clever person from the village was roaming around the temple with no intention of knowing.

At the same time, seeing a large group of thieves coming towards the temple, the person hid behind the Devi idol in fear.

That night, the thieves felt a lot of money and they all collected their looted treasure and kept it there. Those who carried out the robbery began to speak about their style of functioning. And yesterday also discussed where to go and sat for some time to relax.

All were busy in their own talks. The man hidden behind the statue did not attract any attention. Even if it happened, no one had any knowledge that this shadow was of the idol or that no person had any knowledge of it.

 The thief who heard that there is no shadow of gods. Suddenly, seeing the shadow lying on him, he remembered Mahatma's sermons. Gods are never overshadowed. He suspected that someone was hiding here.

All the thieves were happy in their gossip. But he was thinking that Sardar had said that somewhere there should be scripture knowledge story talks, where the ears should be closed and run with running. And religious things should not be heard.

What is the intention of our leader who tells us to refrain from informative things.

Perhaps we have never paid attention to shadows.

He immediately went there and saw that a person was hiding there.

Seeing him, he was shocked. And unwavering faith in the heart made a place. He pledged not to do this work from today.

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