how to stop spam websites from opening

how to stop spam websites from opening

how to stop spam websites from opening 
Bots which are meant for spamming, work across the Internet. They try to fill all webpages with online forms, including comment forms and contact forms. It takes manual labor to remove these from useful pages and blogs.

Thankfully there are several automated methods using scripts to prevent these nuisances. In this article, I will try to tell you about some such tricks.

Anti-Spam Question: This is actually the simplest method. Add a question that only a human can answer. Add obvious questions that anyone can answer, for example "does the sun rise from the east or north?" It is quite easy for any human to answer. Bots, however, will fail to answer this because they have no cognitive knowledge.

The question must reside in the label element and be associated with the answer input. Incorrect answers can prevent spam without much scripting and coding.

There are other forms of this approach such as image based questions, random questions, slider based questions.

Matching Menu Options: If the form has a drop-down menu option, such as the 'Country' field, you can always use this trick to prevent bots. Bots are not aware of the fact that '$ post_ver' should have a pre-defined value. If it is a 'country' region, it should be a valid country name, not something arbitrary. Most bots will place values ​​like '1' to put something in each field. Comments can be stopped due to this mismatch.

Honeypot Spam Trap: This is actually a strange way to stop bots, using their stupidity to their advantage. You can simply use a field that is hidden using the 'offset class', and will not be seen by normal users. However, the bots, being a program, will be able to see the region and, as their habit, put something into the region. The trick is that the script will only allow comments when this field is left blank. So, human comments will be allowed but the bots will get the error message automatically.

Regulating input length: You can use this trick by limiting the allowed length of input for a particular region. I personally think a 20 character limit is sufficient for the name field. Bots by nature will try to fill as much data as possible in any given field. And thus, they will be barred from posting anything.

Of course there are other methods that can be used and each programmer has his own choice. These methods are just some of the effective methods that programmers around the world now use.

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