How to identify friend amitra

How to identify friend amitra

It is very difficult to identify anything whether it is an item or a food item or a man, we cannot understand the place whether it is of high quality or not.

Today we are going to talk about this which a king took detailed information about this subject from his maternal grandfather. I am sharing this information with you guys, read this post till the end.

King Yudhishthira asked his grandfather - even the smallest tasks become difficult to do alone without anyone's help. Then how can the king's work be done without the help of others, so it is necessary to have a minister.

Now tell me how the king's minister should be, how his nature and conduct should be, how to trust a person and how not.

The grandfather replied that the king has four types of friends.

Sahara, Bhajmana, Sahaj, and artificial, fifth friend is Dharma. He is not a partisan of anyone and neither remains a friend of both of them fraudulently about salary from both sides.

Wherever the path of religion remains strong, he takes shelter of the same side. Or the king who is situated in religion draws him towards himself.

Of the above friends, Bhajmana, and, Sahaja, are considered superior. There should be harmony from the remaining two friends.

In fact, you should be careful with all kinds of friends keeping your work in sight.

The king should never be inattentive in protecting friends because heedless people are despised by everyone.

The picture is fickle, good and bad man becomes good and bad.

The enemy becomes friend and friend enemy. Therefore, who believes in whom, therefore, the main tasks should be done in front of themselves, not leaving others. Having complete faith in anyone destroys both religion and meaning.

To completely believe in others is to buy premature death.

The superstitious have to suffer in adversity. What he believes in depends on his will. Therefore the king should also trust some people and should be cautious on their behalf. This is eternal politics.

Friends interpretations of immortals-

1. Colleague friend

Friends call them those who befriend each other to help each other on any condition. Both of us ascend on the 'like' enemy, when victory prevails, they will divide his kingdom in half, with friendships among friends.

2. Bhajman friends -

Those who have a close friendship with friends are called B Bhajman.

3. spontaneous friends-

Those who have close relations are called easy, friends.

4. Artificial Friend-

People adopted by giving money etc. are called 'artificial' friends.

We should understand from the above mentioned things that we should leave our work on one's own or get it done under our supervision. Be it political or social or personal, one should always be vigilant.

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