Calorie intake in Indian sweets

Calorie intake in Indian sweets

Calorie intake in Indian sweets

Hello friends, in today's post, I am going to tell you about the amount of calories in Indian sweets, if you want to know which sweets can cause harm by eating more, then read this post till the last.

Indian festivals and festivities cannot be complete without sweets. Whether juicy rasgulla or hot jalebi, all these types of dishes are a treasure of calories.

That means eating them can increase your obesity. Yes, this is absolutely factual because our Indian sweets have a lot of calories, oil, ghee and fat etc.

If you do not eat these tasty sweets within the limit, then you can definitely increase your weight.

In this big festival, those people who are diabetic or heart patients should be very cautious. Because if cholesterol is increased then the doctor may have to bite the wheel.

 Sweets whether Gulab Jamun or Barfi, are found to increase fat content in every dessert.

Calorie intake in Indian sweets

We will give you information about sweets and calories in them and the current fat, so that you become a little cautious. Eat sweets but stay within a limit.

Indian Sweets: Calorie Information

Mysore Pak - It is made from ghee so it contains a lot of calories. A piece of Mysore Pak has 261.8 calories. If you want to lose weight, do not eat them.

 Gulab-Jamun- Gulab Jamuns made from Khoya are dipped in sugar syrup.

Two pieces of fat are found in Gulab-Jamun at 15 grams and cholesterol - 31 mg and calories - about 380. Mawa-sugar and cardamom are added to the taste.

 Barfi - 6 grams of fat, cholesterol - 15 grams, calories - grinds to about 125. Condensed milk, sugar, gram flour, pistachio, cashew, milk are boiled with sugar until it becomes quite solid.

Rasgulla-fat 1 gram Cholesterol - 2 grams calories - Grind chena at 150 and sugar, chena is cooked in sugar and dipped completely in it.

Halva - Fat 23 grams, Calories - Plate on 360, Moong flour semolina, carrots or sugar nuts, oil. The water is cooked by mixing sugar ghee with flour.

 Jalebi - Fat - 24 grams Cholesterol - 7 grams of calories at about 100 grams.

Milk Cake - Fat 9 grams Cholesterol - 20 mg calories Approximately 175 to 50 grams.

Carrot Pudding - Fat 15 grams Cholesterol - 18 grams Calories around 350 to 80 grams.

Rabari - Fat 19.9 grams cholesterol - 20mg calories 373.7 grams a cup.

Rasmalai-Fat - Grind at 8 grams, Calories - 180 grams, Carbs - 18 grams.

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