How To Stay Humble

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How To Stay Humble

How To Stay Humble

How to stay humble How many people in the world? Misfortunes do a complete act and also get their punishment. But it becomes an interesting job for him. And consider making it an integral part of your life, it is a very simple natural task.

We have had many stories of examples of humility. Which are very inspiring. And by mentioning the humility of great men, we are very helpful in making our lives restrained and consistent. But it is difficult for any one of us to get addicted to fruits and flowers even after rain (nectar) like nectar.

I saw a famous image that had "Be polite" written on it. This is someone who tops their game and is known worldwide.

It is clear that this person realizes how important it is for them to keep their feet on the ground and not let their current level of success go to their head. They are likely to find that even though they are at the top right now, they can fall from bottom to bottom in a matter of seconds.

A number of ways 

Although I cannot say for sure how polite this person is, it is possible that they focus on where they came from and how easy it is for them. Additionally, they may have many people around them who help them to set foot on the ground.

Yet, even if it is so, it does not mean that there will not be moments when their current state of affairs will cease. If this happens, it can be said that it is not very surprising, given how successful they are and how many people consider them like God.

A good attitude 

Suppose this person focuses on where they come from and how easy it is for them all; This is something that even the average person can do to be polite. Even those who have gained from having such people in their lives will not help.

All they could do was to imagine that they are around someone who is full of themselves and to think what should be around such a person. They are likely to find that there is nothing attractive about this person.

The question is, if one becomes successful in one area or many areas of one's life, then why would one become full of oneself? One way to see this would be that the reason for this happening is that they have merged with their ego.

It is a part of them that basically allows them to have their experience on this planet. Without it, it would not be possible that they had their own lives and, therefore, to be here is to fulfill their purpose.

the challenge

But although this part convinces them that they are different from everyone and everything, it is nothing more than an illusion. When it is understood, they will not buy completely into the illusion that their ego produces.

However, if someone is unaware of this, it is normal for them to consider themselves superior or superior to others - or worse or inferior. The part of them that will allow them to see that they are no better or worse than others, their true-self, is pushed aside, with their ego handling them.

final thoughts

With this in mind, the way for someone to remain humble is for them to be conscious of themselves when they are trapped in their ego. If this happens, and they begin to see the world through their eagos dual nature, they can take a step back and accept what has happened.

Then there is no need to embarrass or blame them; They have just become aware of what has happened. This process is most likely for a meditation, as it will allow them to develop their observer themselves.

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