What is the color difference, how did it happen

What is the color difference, how did it happen

What is the color difference, how did it happen
What is varna, how are we? Today we are going to talk about apartheid i.e. casteism. Read the post carefully to know. After all, how and why? For this reason people with small characters are more disappointed in it. But before that it is necessary to know why this distinction may be made, were they necessary.

 What is the color difference, how did the information history

What is the difference of varna, how did Brahma ji generate only the Brahmins - Marichi etc. Prajapati who were illuminated like Sun and Agni at the beginning of creation. Then, the means of attaining heaven - true truth, made the rules of religion, tenacity, eternal Vedas, ethics and defecation. Tadantar devatas, demons, Gandharva demons, asuras, great serpents, Yaksha demons, serpents, vampires, and humans. Divided the four varnas of humans - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. And in the same way the other Varnas that are in the creatures are also created. Brahmins made the color white, the Kshatriyas red, the Vaishyas yellow, and the Shudras black.

Bhardrujane tail-muniver! Black-white among us have the same effect on all humans equally, work anger, fear, grief, anxiety, hunger and exhaustion. Sweat, feces, urine, bile, phlegm, and blood come out of everyone's body. In such a situation, how can color division be done by color?

Find out how the varnas got there, and why they were created

Bhriguji said- At first there was no difference among the elders. The whole world was Brahmin due to being born from Lord Brahma. Due to various deeds, there was variance in it. Those who renounced their Brahminical religion liked the work of courage and for these reasons whose body color turned red, they became known as Brahmins, Kshatriyas.
 Those who made service to the cows, who became pale due to livelihood from agriculture and left their Brahmin religion, came to be known as Vaishya.
Those who became corrupt by violence and untruth and became lovers of love and morality by doing all kinds of work and turned black while making a living were called Shudras.

Thus these four characters happened. Those who walk according to the orders of the Brahmin Veda and always keep the Veda, fasting rules. Their austerity is never destroyed, who do not know this world as the ultimate Brahmo form, they are not entitled to be called dhrijj. Such people have to be born in different types of vaginas. They are inferior and illiberal vampires, demons, demons, and machinations from knowledge science.

The sages, through their penance, created some such subjects, who were going to be endowed with Vedic rites and persevered in their religious work.
But that originated from Addev Brahma, whose root is the origin of Brahma, and the one who is inexhaustible and ready in religion, that creation is called Mansi.

Bhardruj ji tail tall Now tell me that by performing which deed, a person becomes pure or pure Brahmin Kshatriya

Bhrigujeene said- which is sacred in the rituals of Jat karma etc. and is engaged in the self-study of Vedas.

Yajna Yajan studies teaching and charity per planet - is located in these six deeds. Follows Sauch and virtue and yajnishat food.

Loves the Guru and follows the rules regularly. The one who is seen to be gentle towards everyone, to be gentle towards everyone, to be ashamed of mercy and to meditate on austerity, is said to be a Brahmin.
The war which is done and continues in the study of Vedas, donates to Brahmins and protects them by taking them from the subjects, is called Kshatriya.
In the same way, the business, which is rich in Vedic studies, does animal husbandry and farming, and keeps alms and remains holy, it is called Vaishya.

But he who renounces the Vedas and virtues, eats everything and does all sorts of things, and has always been unholy, is considered a Shudra.
How the varna got there, and why if this Brahminichitta Satyadi virtue is seen in Shudra and it is not in Brahmin, then it is not a Shudra Shudra and that Brahmin is not a Brahmin.

To suppress greed and anger by every means is holy wisdom and self-restraint. Anger and greed are always intended to cause harm in the welfare of human beings, so they should be suppressed by applying full power.

Note- Therefore, before awakening high and low, one should look at your karma, thoughts, dignity and dignity.

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