Manglik message of texts English

Manglik message of texts English 

Manglik message of texts English

Shri Ganeshaaya Namah Shri Saraswati Devi Namah.

         Om Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah.

Sarve Mangal Mangalai Shiva Sarvartha Saadhike Sharanai Trimbake Gauri Narayani Namostutte.

In the lap of the power of nature, we experience the joys of our births. That nature mother gives us a manglic message.

That nature does not want anyone to bear the burden of sorrow.
In the middle of all of you, I disguise malice and promote communalism. Just like GAU loves his calf, similarly all of you should love each other.

The son should follow the father's circle, and be obedient to the mother. The wife is supposed to speak a sweet speech with peace to her husband.
Brother, brother, do not envy each other. Don't be jealous with sister or sister. All of you should use soft speech by becoming unified and like-minded.

The love with which Gods do not separate from each other and do not envy each other, I establish that knowledge in your family. There should be mutual union among all men.

All people should live together with heart while achieving excellence. Never fade away Keep each other happy and pull together a heavy burden. Walk in a soft talk with each other and always be in touch with your attached ones.

I make all of you with equal speed. So that you follow a leader with equal love with mutual love. Just as Dev protects the nectar from the same mind, similarly, you are the best committee of all in the evening and morning.

O religion- Absolute scholars! You remained together, interact with each other with love. Get knowledge through equal mind. In the same way, the best people worship God with unanimous knowledge. Similarly, you too should unite and leave your opposition and do your work.

May all of our prayers be equal, and be free from discrimination. Inner-mind-mind-thoughts should be the same. I invoke similar mantras for the benefit of all and offer them to Havi.

You all have the same resolve. May your hearts be equal. And the mind should be uniform so that your work is fully organized mutually.

May my tongue be melodious in the foreground. May there be sweetness at the root of my tongue, be the abode of beauty in my deeds. And O melody! Reach my heart

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