One and one 11- story

One and one 11 story

 Namaskar Dosto Swagat hai aapka Hamari post One and one 11 story

 Once upon a time, in the dense forest of Banagiri, a freed elephant created a great uproar.  He did not consider anyone to be drunk because of his power.

 In Banagiri itself, there was a small happy world of birds and birds on a tree.  The bird sits on the eggs, and keeps dreaming of the dreams of the little ones coming out.  One day the cruel elephant came thundering, smashing the chirping trees.  He broke the bird's nest tree as soon as he saw it.  The nest came down.  The eggs broke and the elephant's foot fell on it.

 Chidiya and Chida could not do anything except scream.  After the elephant left, the bird began to cry chest-throbbing.  Then there was a woodpecker.  She was a good friend of Chidiya.  When Kathfodvi asked for the reason for her crying, Chidiya told all her story.  Kathfodvi said, "Thus being immersed in sorrow will do nothing.  We have to do something to teach that elephant a lesson. "

 Chidiya expressed disappointment, "How can we let small creatures compete with that powerful elephant?"

 Kathfodevi explained, "Eleven are made one by one.  We will add our powers. "

 "How?" Chidiya asked.

 “A friend of mine is a Bhanvara named Venakh.  We should consult him. ”Chidiya and Kathfodvi met Bhavan.  Bhanwra chanted "This is very bad.  I have a frog friend, come ask him for help. "

 Now all three reached the bank of the lake where the paddock lived.  Bhanwere explained the whole problem.  The frog said in a hoarse voice, "You guys wait patiently here."  I sit deep and think. "

 Saying this, the frog jumped into the water.  Half an hour later, when he came out of the water, his eyes were shining.  He said, “Friends!  A very good plan has come to my mind to destroy that killer elephant.  Everyone will contribute to it. "

 As soon as the frog told his plan, everyone jumped with joy.  The plan was truly amazing.  The frog again explained his role to everyone.

 Just a few minutes away, the frantic elephant was bursting and filling his stomach and eating the branches with spikes, and was standing in fun.  The first work was of Bhonwere.  He went to the ears of the elephant and started singing the melodious melody.  Listening to the raga, the elephant got excited and closed his eyes.

 Then the woodpecker successfully did her job.  She came and with her needle-like pointed beak, she fast twisted both eyes of the elephant.  Elephant's eyes burst.  He started to move around blindly in agony.

 As time passed, the elephant's anger was increasing.  Due to the absence of eyes, the body was getting injured due to stumbles and collisions.  The wounds forced him to shout more.

 Chidiya said to the paddock in a sarcastic voice, "Bahia, I will be grateful to you for life."  You helped me so much. "

 The paddock said "no need to be thankful".  Friends only serve as friends. "

 One was jealous of the eyes and the throat of the screaming elephant from above dried up.  He started feeling very thirsty.  Now he was looking for only one thing, water.

 The paddock gathered many of his brothers-in-law and took them away and asked them to sit on the side of a large pit and run away.  All the frogs started to collide.

 Hearing the frog's cry, the elephant's ears widened.  He knows that frogs live near the source of water.  He walked in the same direction.

 The sputtering was getting faster.  The thirsty elephant started to run faster.

 As the elephant approached the pit, the frogs began to thrust at full force.  The elephant rushed forward and fell into the pit like a huge stone, where his life did not take long to fly, thus the ego-ridden elephant came to an end.

 Lesson: There is strength in unity.
 Egoist is late or early.

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