Story of panchatantra intelligent goose

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Story of panchatantra intelligent goose

Story of panchatantra intelligent goose

Story of panchatantra intelligent goose
 Hello friends,welcome to the story of Panchatantra  There was a very big Arjuna tree.  Many people used to laugh at him.  A swan was very intelligent among them.  And he was also very visionary.  Everyone respected him and Nana Ji used to call him "Mukhiya".  One day, he saw a small vine wrapped very low on the trunk of the tree, which was growing up with the help of the tree.  The chief called the other swans and said, "Look, destroy this vine."  One day this vine will take us all to death. "

 A young laugher said with a smile, "How will this little bell take us to the mouth of death?"

 Sayne Hans explained, "Today you are looking small.  Gradually, it will wrap up all the stem of the tree and come up to the top.  Then the stem of the vine will start to thicken and stick to the tree, then a ladder will be made to climb from the bottom to the top.  Any hunter will climb up on the steps and reach us and we will be killed. "

 The second swan could not believe, "How will a small vine become a ladder?"

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 The third goose said, "Mr. Head, you are pulling a little vine and making it too long."

 A goose murmured "This chief is creating an ant-shunt story to add to his wisdom."

 Thus, no other swan took the headman's words seriously.  Where was the intelligence to see them so far?

 Time kept on passing by.  The vine reached the branches above the hinges.  The stem of the vine started to thicken and literally became a ladder on the stem of the tree.  Which could be climbed easily.  Everyone started seeing the truth of the chief's word.  But now nothing could be done because the bell had become so strong that destroying it was not just a matter of swans.  One day when all the goose was going out to feed, then a sister came out there.  Seeing the pedestal on the tree, he climbed the tree and laid a trap and went away.  The whole goose returned at dusk.  When Hans got on the tree, he got badly trapped in the javelin's trap.  When he got caught in the trap and started fumbling, he came to know the wisdom and foresight of the chief.  All were ashamed to disobey the chief.  And were cursing themselves.  The head was most angry and was sitting silent.

 A goose dared to say, "Head, we are fools, but don't turn away from us now."

 The second Hans said, "You can tell us how to get out of this crisis.  We will not avoid anything from you. "All the swans agreed, then the chief told them," Listen to me carefully.  Pretending to be dead when the fowler arrives in the morning.  Fowler will take you out of the net and take you to the ground.  Stay there like dead.  As he puts the last goose down, I will make a strange sound.  Everyone flew as soon as I heard my voice.  Everyone said okay

 Fowler arrived in the morning.  Laugh as the chief explained.  Truly the fowler considered the swans to be dead and slammed on the ground.  When the last one survived, he gave a strange sound. All the swans flew away as soon as he heard that voice.  Fowler kept staring silently.

 Lesson: The advice of the wise should be taken seriously.  Otherwise it will be like laughs.

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