Story of Hitopadesh English.

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Story of Hitopadesh English.

Story of Hitopadesh English.

 Welcome Friends, Story of Hitopadesh English. I am very old.  A river by the name of Godavari flows in Maharashtra.
Story of Hitopadesh English.
 There was a very big seminal tree near the Godavari river.  Many countries used to come to that place and birds used to live in the night.  Once upon a time.  Stayed a little night was going to be dawn.  Sun God was about to leave.

 Then a cag wake called Laghupatanak and saw a fowler coming like Yamraj from the front.

 Looking at him, he started thinking that he has seen the face of evil in the morning.  I do not know what would be worse.

 The hunter spread the net by scattering the small pieces of rice.  And sat there hid there.  At the same time a flock of pigeons came flying in the sky.

 The king of pigeons named Chitragriva saw the Kanakians of the Chawls.  Kapotraj was greedy for Chandwal.  He said to the pigeons - Where did the rice cones come from in this uninhabited forest?  First of all, decide about this.  I do not see it as a welfare.  Of course, the greed of these rice can give us a bad momentum.

 Story of Hitopadesh English.

 "Upon hearing this a pigeon boasted" Hey!  What you say Sardar always speak well.  Our feeling only causes our objection.

 When the emergency comes, the elders should listen to it.  But at that time, obeying everywhere, we will not get food even if we all remain hungry.

 Food and water are full of doubts on this earth.  In which item should you eat or drink or how to live?

 Jealous, hateful. Unconcerned, angry, always skeptical.  And alien living person.  These six types of humans are always sad.  Hearing this, all the pigeons sat there where the rice particles of the fowler were scattered.

 Because those who read and listen to good scriptures and those who remove doubts also suffer under greed.

 Greed creates anger.  Greed leads to desire for the subject.  And greed leads to temptation and destruction, so greed is the root of sin.

 That is why the intellects of great men also fade at the time of calamity.  All the pigeons landed in the lure of food.  And then started disrespecting who had landed there.

 Story of Hitopadesh English.

 One should not run as head in front of the group.  Because if the work is proved, then everyone will get the fruits equally.  And if the work goes wrong then the head will be killed.

 Seeing everyone condemning him, Chitragriva said - there is nothing to blame.  Beneficial substances also become the cause of incoming objections.  For example, at the time of milking a cow, the mother's thigh becomes the tail of the calf.

 Brother is the one who is able to remove the human beings who are in objection.  And who, instead of giving measures to protect the suffering, should be clever in defying.  He is not a brother.  Being afraid of objection is a sign of a coward.  Therefore, patient should think about the solution by enduring in this work.

 To be patient in crisis, forgiveness in growing anger, cleverness of speech in the assembly, might in war, interest in fame and affection in scripture.  These things happen only in the nature of great men.  One who is not sorry for the happiness and objection in the property.  And there is patience in the struggle, such a person is very less in all three worlds.

 Story of Hitopadesh English.

 And she is born to a very rare mother.  A man seeking his welfare in this world should give up these six demerits of sleep, sleep, fear, anger, laziness and longevity.  Do this even now, do not unite and fly away with the trap.

 Work is also proved by a group of small things.  Like roped elephants are also tied with ropes.  The group of a few humans of its clan is also doing welfare.  Because rice separated from tus (peel) does not grow again.  Thinking of this, all the pigeons flew with the trap and he started thinking after seeing the pigeons flying from the Fowler trap from afar.  These birds are flying together with my net.

 But when they fall down, then I will be in control.  Then when those birds disappeared from the eyes, the hunter returned.  When the pigeon saw that the greedy hunter was returning, the pigeon said what to do now.

 Mother, father and friends are beneficial by these three nature and others are interested in work and for some reason.  Hence my friend Hiranyak's king of mice lives in Chitrawan on the arrow of the river Gandaki.

 He will bite our loops.  Considering this, all Hiranyak went to the rat's bill.  Hiranyak always used to keep his bill with hundred gates in anticipation of objection.

 Then Hiranyak sat secretly afraid of the call of the pigeons.  Chitragrive told the pigeon - O friend Hiranyak, why do not you speak to us?  Hiranyak then recognized his voice and hurried out and spoke.  Aha!  I am virtuous.  That my dear friend Chitragriva has come.

 No one is virtuous in this world like one who has a conversation with a friend, one who has to bear with a friend, and one who has a secret conversation with a friend.  Seeing his friend trapped in the trap, he stopped for a moment with astonishment "- Friend, what is this? Chitragriva said" - Friend, this is the fruit of the deeds of our previous birth.

 Because of which, by doing, in whatever way, in which time, till which time and in which place whatever is good and bad is its karma.  For the same reason, by the same, in the same way, at the same time, the same karma, for the same time, in the same place, gets under the control of destiny.

 Disease, mourning, remorse, bondage and objection are the fruits of their sinful tree for the mortal (beings).  Hearing this, Hiranyak came quickly to break the bond of Chitragriva.  Chitragriva said - Friend, do not do this, first cut the bond of those dependents, cut my bond later.

 Hiranyak also said - Friend, I am weak and my teeth are also soft, so how am I able to cut them all?  Therefore, till my teeth are broken, I cut your noose.  Later, I will cut their bond as far as I can.  Chitragriva said - If it is alright, then cut it as soon as possible.

 Hiranyak said - It is not acceptable for those who know this policy to protect their dependents except themselves.  Because a man should always protect himself by giving money, giving money and giving money and woman for objection.

 Other religions, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the souls of reason to protect these four, so whoever killed these lives did not kill them?  That means everything was killed and who did not protect the life?  That is, protected everyone.

 Chitragriva said - Friend, the policy is the same, but I am unable to bear the sufferings of my dependents in every way.

 Says Chitragriva.  That the priest should give up his money and life for the sake of alienation.  Because there must be destruction.  Therefore it is good for good men to die.  Secondly, there is also a special reason that these pigeons and my caste, matter and force are the same, so say the fruit of my sovereignty, which will not happen now and in what time and what will happen.  They do not leave me without livelihood.

 Education and Benefit Education.

 Therefore, instead of life, give life to these dependents.  O friend, leave faith in this perishable body made of flesh, feces, urine and bone and increase my fame.  If you get clean and continual fame from the body full of perish and feces-urine, what can not be found.  That means, received everything.

 There is a big difference between body and kindness qualities.  The body is fleeting.  And the qualities are to last till the end of the cycle.  Hearing this, Hiranyak said delighted and Pulkit - Blessed, friend, blessed.  By considering mercy on these dependents, you are worthy of the lordship of all three worlds.  Having said that, he set everyone free.  Later Hiranyak said with respect to everyone - Friend Chitragriva, do not disobey yourself with suspicion of guilt about this trap.

 The bird which sees grains of grain or meat from more than hundreds of kilometre.  He does not see the big knot of the trap when bad times come.  Seeing the pain of eclipsing the moon and the sun, the bonding of the elephant and the serpent and the impoverishment of the priest, I understand that destiny is strong (ie, deeds done in past lives).

 Birds who hunt in a secluded place of the sky also fall in trouble.  And clever fish (fishermen) catch fish even in the deep sea.  What is durniti (wrong) and suniti (right) in this world.  And what is the value in profit of a disaster free place?  That means, there is nothing.  Because Kaal is sitting with his hands outstretched.  And after coming for some time, he takes it from afar and swings.  By explaining this and giving hospitality and meeting, he sent away Chitragriva.

 Chitragriva went to his country along with his family.  Hiranyak also went to hide.

 Friendship Story and Friendship.

 After this, the person who knows the crow account of the Laghupatanaka.  He said with surprise - O Hiranyak, you are worthy of praise, so please befriend me also.  Hearing this, Hiranyak also said from within the bill - Who are you?  He said - I am a crow named Laghupatanaka.  Hiranyak started laughing and said - what kind of friendship with you?  Because the pundit should match the thing that is worthy of what in the world.

 I am food (ie grain) and you are about to eat.  So what will be the love of Bhakti and Abhishka?  Crow said - Even after eating you, I will not have much food.  I will live by your life like a pure Chitragriva.  Virtuous antelope - Faith of birds is also seen, because the nature of gentlemen who do virtue never changes due to gentleness.

 Regardless of anger, gentleman's nature will never be damned.  Like who can heat sea water with the flame of burning straw.

 Story of Hitopadesh and the qualities of a gentleman.

 Hiranyak said - You are fickle, never be affectionate with such fickleness.  Secondly, you are in favour of my adversaries.

 And it is said, that as much as the Vari (enemy) matches as sweet, but should not be reconciled with it.  Because no matter how hot the water is, it extinguishes the fire.  Durjan is also a scholar, but he should not be left out, because the snake is not awful with gems.  What cannot be done, it cannot be.  And what can happen, it can happen.  For example, a car cannot run on water and a boat cannot move on land.
 The small crow said - I have heard everything, yet I have so much determination that you must be friendly with you.  Or I'll commit suicide by starving.  There is something in the minds of the wicked, something in the word and in the work, and in the heart of the gentlemen, in the child and in the work.  So that even you desire.  Saying this, Hiranyak befriended the crow with a variety of food and entered the bill.

 And the crow also went to his place.  From that day on, both of them started spending time with each other by taking food, asking efficient and having a faithful conversation.  One day Laghupatanak said to Hiranyak - Friend, this place gets food with great difficulty, so I want to leave this place and go to another place.  Hiranyak said - friend, where will you go?  The wise walks with one foot and stops with the other.  Therefore, one should not leave the first place without deciding the second place.  Crow said - a well seen spear place.  Hiranyak said - which one?  Kaua Bola - There is a lake named Karpoorgaur in Dandakavan.  In it, a religious tortoise named Mantharnama is my very old and dear friend.  He will welcome me with a variety of cuisines.  Hiranyak also said - so what will I do by staying here.

 Because the country in which there is no honor, no means of livelihood, no brother or relatives and some education is also not benefited, that country should be left.  That is to say, in other words, livelihood, fearlessness, shame, gentleness and generosity should not remain where these five things are.

 Also, where the lender, the Vaidya, the Vedapathi and the river filled with beautiful water, are not there, it should not remain there.

 Hence, please take me also there.  Later, the crow went to the lake unconsciously chatting with the friend.  Then Manthar, on seeing him from a distance, also gave a small hospitality to the rat, and also welcomed the rat.  Because any of the children, old and young, have come to the house, they should be respected.  Because the worshiper is the worshiper of all the varnas.

 Agni to Brahmins, Brahmins to all four castes, husbands to women and hospitality to all is always revered.  The crow said - Friend Manthar, welcome it more, because it is the head of the saints and the king of mice named Hiranyak, the sea of ​​compassion.  Its properties cannot be magnified with two thousand words.  Having said this, narrated the account of Chitragriva.

 The minister respecting Hiranyak with great respect started asking - Friend, tell me the secret of your arrival in this uninhabited forest.  It is prudent to act by deciding when the calamities arrive, because those who work without consideration have difficulties in the post.  There should be one for the dignity of the clan, the clan for the whole village, the village should be left for the country and the earth for itself.

 I try to think about the sweet food mixed with spontaneous water and the fear in both of them, so in which there is no pleasure in the mind, or it is better to get the water that is free from the banal food.  After considering this, I have come to this uninhabited forest.

 It is good to live under a forest full of lions and elephants, eat water by eating ripe tuber root fruits, and wear gold and bark cloth on grass.  But it is not good to live moneyless among brothers.  Then by rising from my virtue, this friend respected me with absolute affection and now I have found your shelter like heaven in the way of virtue.  Manthan said - wealth is like the dust of feet, youth is like the velocity of the river.  Age is agile like a drop of fickle water.  And life is similar to fen.  Therefore, the one who does not do the religion that opens the fire of heaven, without regrets in old age, is burnt in the fire of mourning.

 It is safe to donate the same amount of earned money to the Sapatra to get around the water filled in the grave pond (repeatedly removing water as it is the cause of the purification of the lake).  The wealth that Scrooge bites more down in the earth, he already makes a path to go to the riches.  And a person who wishes to save money by stopping his happiness, is going to suffer the same affliction as a laborer who is a burden to others.

 If we are rich with charity and consumptionless wealth, are we not rich with that wealth?  That is, of course.

 A person who does not bring wealth to the work of a deity, a Brahmin and a brother, burns the wealth of the miser or steals the thief or the king snatches it away.

 These four things are rare in the world, including love, charity, egoless knowledge, apologetic bravery, and donated wealth.  And accumulation should be done regularly, but it is not worth accumulating excess.

 Till the affection of the Mahatmas dies, anger is only momentary and abandonment is only quarantined, that is, they do nothing evil.  Hearing this, the short-lived said, "O chant, you are blessed, and you are of admirable quality."

 Gentlemen are always able to overcome the objections of gentlemen.  Like elephants are only able to remove trapped elephants.  Then he started living happily in this way, eating - drinking, playing and jumping as he wished.

 One day an antelope named Chitrang met him for fear of someone.  Seeing the antelope coming behind it, the mind understood the fear and entered the water.  The rat went into the bill and Kak also flew and sat on the tree.  Then Laghupatanak decides remotely that there is no reason for fear.

 After thinking this, everyone got together and sat there.  Manthan said - Are you efficient?  Oh deer, it's good that you arrived.  Eat water, etc. as per your desire, that is, eat, drink, and stay here and make this forest holy.  Chitrang said - I have come to your shelter for fear of hunting and want to be friends with you.  Hiranyak said - Friendship has happened to us spontaneously.  Because there are four types of friends.

 One is those who have been born since the second marriage, the second married relationship, the third are from the total tradition and the fourth those who should be protected from objections.  So stay here more happily than your home.  Hearing this, the antelope was pleased and sat in the shade of a tree near the water after eating food and drinking water.

 Manthar said - O friend deer, who has scared you in this uninhabited forest, sometimes the hunters come.  The deer said - There is a king named Rukmangad in the Kalinga country and he has come to Digvijaya and is resting his army on the arrow of the river Chandrabhaga.  And in the morning he will come here and stay near Karpoor lake.  This flying thing is heard from the mouth of predators.

 That is why to be here early morning is also a cause of fear.  After thinking about this, work should be done according to the time.  Hearing this, the tortoise said fearfully - I go to another lake.  The cork and antelope also said - so be it.  Then Hiranyak laughed and said - Upon reaching the second lake, the mind will survive.  But what is the solution for its development

 The animals of water are the ultimate force of water, the people living in the citadel, the citadel foresters of their land and the kings their minister.

 Not obeying his beneficial words, like a fool with great fear, he left the lake and left the lake.  Even Hiranyak etc., following the mantra, suspected of disaster with affection.  Then while going to Patpad, Manthar was found wandering in the forest by a hunter.  Finding him, he went towards his house, distraught with the apps and thirst that arose from the rotating dam in the bow.  After the deer, cork and mouse, they followed him with great grief.

 Hiranyak began to mourn - like the cross of the sea, the border goes beyond one sorrow until I go, another sorrow comes for me.  Because there is a lot of disaster with a disaster.  A friend who is affectionate by nature is found by destiny only, who does not leave true friendship even in objections.

 Neither mother, nor woman, nor brother, nor son believe so much as in a natural friend.  In this world, I have seen here the fruits of my sins committed by virtue, and the joys and sorrows that have changed from time to time, and the sins committed by the former.

 Or it is just like that - the body has its Nath and the assets are the main place of objections and disconnection with coincidence, that is, it is unstable and everything that is produced is going to be Nath.  And thoughtfully said - Who has created this two-letter friend Rupei Ratna, who is safe from mourning and fear of the enemy and a character of love and trust?  And it is rare to have such a friend like Anjan who is pleasing to the eyes, one who gives pleasure to the mind and one is happy to be happy with the friend, that is, sad in the sad, happy in the happiness and friends who lose money at the time of the property.  See the place.  But bad times are the only criterion to judge them.

 In this way, Hiranyane said to Chitrang and Laghupatanak with great pleasure - until the hunter comes out of the forest, try to free the mantra.  They both said - Tell us the quick work.

 Hiranyak said - Chitrang went near the water to show h is body like a dead person and dug something with a beak while sitting on it.  This hunter must leave the turtle there and go soon with the greed of deer.  Then, I'll cut the tardy ties.  And when the hunter comes near you, run away.

 Soon after Chitrang and Laghupatanak did the same, he was able to see the antelope sitting under a tree after drinking water.  Then he started going to the deer, rejoicing with the knife.  Hi Hiranyak came and cut the turtle.  Then, the tortoise quickly entered the lake.  The antelope saw the hunter approaching and ran away.  When the hunter came back under the tree, he did not look at the turtle and thought - it was appropriate for a thoughtless person like me.

 The one who gives up the indefinite substance except the definite, his fixed substance is destroyed and the indefinite goes on.  Then blaming his destiny, he went home disappointed.  Manthar etc. also got out of all the objections and went to their respective places and started living happily.

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