Story of crows and owl Panchatatra

Story of crows and owl Panchatatra

Story of crows and owl Panchatatra

story of crow and owl Panchatatra my dear friends.  Today I am going to tell you about the story of the warnings and the facts. If you like to read such articles.  So read our post till the end. And get a lot of information on our blog.

 Interesting story of crow and owl

 The story of the crow and owl, the Panchatatra, is a long time ago.  A huge banyan tree in a forest was the capital of crows.  Thousands of crows lived on it.  Meghvarna, the king of crows, also lived on the same tree.

 There was a hill near the banyan tree, which had innumerable caves.  Owls inhabited those caves.  Their king was Arimardan.  Arimardan was a very powerful king.  He had declared the crows the enemy number one of the owls.  He hated crows so much that he did not eat food without killing any crow.

When too many ravens were killed, their king Meghvarna was very worried.  He called a gathering of crows to consider this problem.  Meghwarna said, “My dear Kauo, you know that our lives have become insecure due to the attacks of owls.  Our enemies are powerful and also arrogant.  We are attacked at night.  We cannot see at night.  We are not able to counter-attack during the day, as they are sitting safely in the dark caves.

Then Meghvarna asks Sayana and the wise crows to give their suggestions.

 Planning and thinking of crows

Story of crows and owl Panchatatra
 A sneaky crow said, "We must compromise the owls."  Let us accept the conditions.  What is the benefit in beating the enemy stronger than you.

 Many crows protested by shouting.  A hot-minded crow shouted, "We must not talk to those wicked."  All get up and attack them. "

 A pessimistic crow said, "The enemy is strong."  We should leave this place. "

 Saying crow advised, "It is not right to leave your house."  If we go from here we will be absolutely broken.  We should stay here and get help from the birds. "

 The smartest and most intelligent among the crow was a crow named Stajeevi, who sat quietly listening to the plea of ​​everyone.  King Meghvarna turned to him, "Sir, you are silent.  I want to know your opinion. "

 The stableman said, "Maharaj, if the enemy is more powerful, you should act with deceit."

 "What kind of circumvention?"  Just state it clearly, steady. ”Said the king.

 The stableman said, "You call me good and bad and attack me."

 Meghwarna startled, "What are you saying, steadyer?"

 After going to the cast of the stable king, Meghvarna, he said in his ear, “We have to do this drama for deceit.  Owl spies are watching all the proceedings of our gathering on the trees around us.  We have to pretend to fight and fight by showing them.  After this, you will take all the crows and go to Ashumuk mountain and wait for me.  I will join the group of owls and collect their destruction.  Will pierce their Lanka by becoming a piercing house. "

 Then the drama started.  The stableman shouted, "Do as I say, child of the king."  Why are we bent on getting us killed? "

 Meghavarn screamed, "Traitor, how dare you speak to the king with such profanity?" Many crows shouted together "Kill this traitor."

 King Meghvarna slammed the static with his wing and dropped it from Dalpar.  And declared, "I am expelling the traitor stable from the crow society."  From now on, no crow will have any connection with this evil. "

 The eyes of the owl detectives sitting on nearby trees shone.  Detectives were informed by the king of the owls that the crows had split.  The beating and the abuses are happening.  On hearing this, the commander of the owls said to the king, "Maharaj, this is the chance to attack the crows.  We will easily defeat them this time. "

 Arimardan, the king of the owls, was rightly told by the commander.  He immediately ordered an attack.  What was it then? The army of thousands of owls started attacking the banyan tree.  But not a single crow was found there.

 How do you get it?  According to the plan, Meghvarna had traveled towards Mount Ashishmuk with all the crows.  The king of owls spit after finding the tree empty.  "The crow fled instead of facing us.  Thousands started pouring on such cowards.  All the owls sounded 'Who's Who' and announced their victory.  The stagnant crow was watching all this.  He fell into the bushes below the drama.  Stagnant made out the voice of Kanva.  On seeing him, the detective owl said, "Hey, this is the same crow whose king was pushing and dropping and humiliating them."

 The king of owls also came.  He asked, "How did you face this predicament?" Stalwajee said, "I was the king of King Meghvarna.  I kindly advised him that the owls are being led by a mighty king at this time.  We must accept the subordination of owls.  On hearing me, Meghvarna became angry and reprimanded me out of the caste of crows.  Take me to your shelter. "

 King of owls Arimardan got into thinking.  His well-meaning policy advisor said in Cannes, "Rajan, don't believe the enemy."  This is our enemy.  Kill it. "A sneaky minister said," No, Maharaj!  There will be great benefit in mixing this crow with you.  It will tell us the secrets of the house of crows. "

 The king also saw a benefit in joining the stable.  Owls took the persistent crow with them.  There Arimardan said to the owl servants, "Place the stable in the royal guest room of the cave."  They should not have any trouble. "

 He added a steady hand and said, "Maharaj, you gave me shelter, that's it.  Let me live outside my royal cave like a servant on a stone.  It is my desire to continue sitting there singing your virtues. ”Thus the stableman camped outside the royal cave.
 The policy advisor in the cave again told the king, "Maharaj!  Do not trust the enemy.  Giving him a place in his house is like committing suicide. "Arimardan looked at him with anger" Don't try to explain me more policy.  If you want, you can leave from here. ”The policy advisor Owl went away from there with two or three friends saying this forever.  “Buddhakilaga opposite to destruction.

 (Wisdom turns upside down when destruction comes.)

 A few days later, the stationary brought wood and kept it near the entrance of the cave.  "Government, winter is on the way."  I want to build a wooden hut to protect it from the cold. ”Gradually, heaps of wood have accumulated.  One day while all the owls were sleeping, the static people flew from there and reached Mount Ashishmuk directly.  Where Meghvarna and the crows were waiting for him.

 Ravens make a fire in the cave of owls 

 The stableman said, "Now all of you pick me up in a burning beak from the nearby forest where there is a fire and follow me."

 The army of crows came to the caves of owls along with the stabilizers carrying the burning wood in the beak.  Stacks were set on fire by stabilizers.  All owls died of burns or suffocation.  King Meghvarna gave the title of Kaura Ratna to the stable.

 Lesson: Sheltering the enemy in your house is to collect the goods of your own destruction.

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