Selfishness of the enemy - the story of the snake and the frog

Selfishness of the enemy - the story of the snake and the frog 
Selfishness of the enemy - the story of the snake and the frog
Selfishness of the enemy - the story of the snake and the frog my dear friends, today I am going to tell you the people of this story. Which you will get to learn a lot by reading. If you like this kind of paragraph, stay in this post till the end.

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Selfishness of the enemy - the story of the snake and the frog An old snake named Mandavish lived in the bill near a mountain. He was a great snake in his youth. When he walks by waving, a lightning flashes, but the old man takes the sharpest of the elders. Mandivish's body was weakened due to the aging. His pastures began to move and his heart swelled with hissing. Rats who used to run away from his shadow, now get out by tearing his body and teasing him. Rats were also fed to fill the stomach. Mandavish is put in the same way that how to manage food permanently. One day he thought of a solution and he reached the banks of Dadur lake to try it. Dadur lake was full of frogs. His rule was there only. Mandavish started wandering around there. Then he was seen sitting on a stone king of frogs. Mandavish greeted him "Hail Maharaj".

"You!" You are our enemy Why is my Jai slogan being chanted? "
Mandavish said in a polite voice, "Rajan, those are old things. Now I want to wash my sins by serving you frogs. Wants to be cursed. Such is the order of my Nagguru.]

Medkaraj asked "Why did he give such a bizarre order?"

Mandavish told the concoction "Rajan, one day I was walking in a garden. Some male children were playing. I accidentally hit the leg of a child and with the help of rescue, I bit him and that child died. I saw Lord Shri Krishna in my dream and cursed that I will become stone by the end of the year. My Gurudev said that because of the death of the boy, I have offended Krishna, because the child's form is Krishna's form. At a lot of giddiness, Guruji suggested a remedy for curse. The solution is to make the frogs sit back and walk by the end of the year. "
After listening to Mandavish, the paddock was stunned. Which tadpole has received the audacity to ride on the snake's back? He thought it would be a unique work. The paddock jumped into the lake and collected all the frogs and spoke about Mandivish. All the frogs remained malnourished.
An old frog said, "Let the frog dwell in a snake." It will be a wonderful thing. We will be considered the best frog in the world.]
The greed of sitting on a snake's back had put a curtain on the wisdom of all the frogs. all by. Yes, yes. Medkaraj came out and said to Mandavish "Snake, we are ready to help you."
Then what was there. E-ten paddock rode on Mandavish's back and rode off. The king was sitting at the forefront. Mandavish made them walk here and took them to the lake shore. At the behest of the paddock, Mandir descended through his head. Mandwish gagged the frog backstage. Now this sequence is going on daily. Everyday, he rides a frog on Mandivish's back and eats the one who lands on the back.
Selfishness of the enemy - the story of the snake and the frogOne day another snake caught the fowl carrying the frogs. Later he cursed Mandavish "Hey! Why are snakes biting his nose?"

Mandavish replied, “Time has to work with policy. I have no question of good and bad. It is said that if the father had to make the line at the time of trouble, make it.]

The days of Mandavish started to cut down on fun. The trailing frog is erased by the fact that no one knows. The paddock did not know how to do their counting, who by counting, understand the matter.
One day the paddock said, "I feel that the paddock has already reduced in the lake. Don't know what's up "
Mandavish said, "Hey, your fame as a great frog king riding the snake is reaching far and wide. Many frogs here are going to other lakes, plains and lakes to spread your fame. "
The chest swollen from the paddock's anus. Now he did not even feel sad about the frogs in the lake. As more frogs become less, he is equally happy to think that his flag is buried in all the world.

Finally came the day, when the whole frog was finished. Only the paddock remained alone. When he found himself sitting on Mandiv's back alone, he asked Mandavish "I think I have gone alone alone in the lake." How will i be alone "
Mandavish smiled "Yan, don't worry." I will remove your loneliness as well.]
Saying this, Mandavish also swallowed the paddock and sent it to where all the paddocks of the lake reached.

Lesson: To believe the enemy's words is to feast his death.

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