Mutual divisions of Panchatantra English

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Mutual divisions of Panchatantra English

Mutual divisions of Panchatantra English

 Hello friends and welcome to your post of "Fights".  If you want depth-touching and interesting information, then definitely read the story of Panchatantra.

 It is a matter of ancient times.  There used to be a "strange" bird in a forest.  His torso was the same.  But there were two heads.  His name was Bharund.  And even though he had a body, there was no unity in his ends.  Nor was there synergy.  They hated each other.  Every organism does the work of thinking and brainstorming.

 Having two heads, Bharund also had two brains.  One of which thought of going east and the other thought of going west.  The result was that the legs would move one step towards the east and the next step to the west.  And Bharund found himself standing there.  Bharund's life was just a tug of war between the two ends.

 Mutual divisions of Panchatantra English

 One day, Bharund was splashing on the river bank in search of food, and saw a head fall down.  When he saw it tasting with a beak, the tongue began to crack "Wow!  I have never eaten such a delicious fruit till today.  What things God has created in the world. "
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 "good!  Let me taste it too. ”The other had raised his beak towards the fruit, saying that the first head jerked and threw the other head away and said,“ Keep your dirty beak away from this fruit.  I have received this fruit and I will eat it. "
 "Hey!  We are both parts of the same body.  We should distribute food and drink. ”The other head argued.  The first head said, "Okay!  We are part of one body.  Our stomach is the same.  If I eat this fruit, it will go in the stomach and the stomach is yours. ”
 The second head said, "Eating doesn't just mean filling up, brother."  Taste of tongue is also something.  Tongue gets satisfaction only with the tongue.  The real fun of eating is in the mouth. ”

 The first head said in a teasing tone, "I have taken the contract of your tongue and enjoyment of food."  After eating the fruit you will belch.  That burp will also come out of your mouth.  Live by it  Now don't make too much rubbish and let me eat the fruit in peace. ”Saying this, the first head cracked and started eating the fruit.

Mutual divisions of Panchatantra English

 After this incident, the other head decided to take revenge and started looking for opportunity.  A few days later, Bharund was wandering around in search of food when the eyes of another head fell on a fruit.  He had found what he was looking for.  The second head was going to beckon the fruit that the first head shouted and warned, "Hey, hey!  Do not eat this fruit.  Don't you know that it is venomous?  Eating it can also cause death. "

 The second laughed, "Hey hey!  You silently watch your work.  What do you have to eat what i eat  Forgot that day? "
 The first head tried to explain, "If you eat this fruit, we will both die."

 The other head was bent on revenge.  He said, “I have taken away the contract for your life and death?  I will eat whatever food I want, whatever the outcome.  Now let me eat venomous fruits in peace. "

 The other head ate all the poisonous fruit and Bharund died dead.

 Lesson: Mutual schisms always sink.

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