Force story of unity

Force story of unity

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 The story of the force of unity is a matter of a time when a group of pigeons were flying in the sky in search of food.  By mistake, the party wandered over a region where there was a severe famine.  The chieftain of the pigeons was worried.  The power of the pigeons' body was getting depleted.  It was necessary to get some grains soon.  The young pigeon of the party was flying at the bottom.  On seeing the food, he had to inform the rest of the party.

 After much time Udne where he came out of the drought-hit region.  When the greenery started to appear below, there was hope of getting food.  The young dove and began to fly down.  Then he saw a lot of grain scattered in the field below, "Uncle, there is a lot of grain scattered in a field below.  We will all be full.

 On getting the information, the Sardar ordered the pigeons to come down and choose the grain scattered in the field.  The whole team came down and started choosing the grain.  In fact, she was scattered by a sister-in-law who caught the grain.  His net was stretched on the tree above.  As soon as the pigeon team started feeding, the trap fell on them.  All the pigeons got trapped.

 The dove chieftain beat his head, "Oh!  It was a trap spread to trap us.  Hunger put a curtain on my intelligence.  I should think that such a sense of being scattered grain.  What is being repents, when birds devoured went Farm? "

 A dove wept "We all will die."

 The rest of the pigeons were defeated, but the Sardar was immersed in deep thinking.  Suddenly he said, "Listen, the nets are strong, they are fine, but there is not enough power to defeat the power of unity."  If we add all our strength, we can avoid going into the face of death. "

 Need to understand force in unity.

 The young pigeon fluttered "Uncle!  Tell me clearly what you want to say.  The trap has broken us, how to add strength? "

 The Sardar said, "You all hold the trap with a beak, then when I say furr, blow it hard together."

 Everyone did this.  Then appeared traps that comes Bhelian.  Would trap trapped pigeons flashed her eyes.  He held the stick in his hand and caught it firmly and ran towards the trap.

 Fowler was just a few miles away from the trap that the pigeon's chief said, "Furrrrrrrr!"

 When all the pigeons came out loud, the whole trap rose in the air and all the pigeons started flying with the net.  Fowler was speechless after seeing the pigeons flying with traps.  He managed to run after the trap.  When the dove chieftain found the fowler running behind the trap, he understood his intention.  The chieftain also knew that it would not be possible for the pigeon party to fly with the net for long.  But the Sardar had his solution.

 Friend's support in objection.

 Nearby was her making the bill on a hill lived a rat friends.  The Sardar ordered the pigeons to fly rapidly towards that hill.  On reaching the hill, the pigeon with the trap landed near the bill of rats, finding the sign of the Sardar.

 Sardar gave voice to the friend rat.  Sardar briefly told the rats the whole incident and asked them to cut the trap and set them free.  Shortly, the rat cut the trap.  Sardar thanked his friend Rat and the whole pigeon team started flying to freedom in the sky.

 Lesson: One can face great adversity with great unity.

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