Banyan Ayurvedic Benefits

Banyan Ayurvedic Benefits

 Everyone may have seen the tree of the queen, but no one has taken advantage.  Hello friends, you will be surprised to know today's "benefits of banyan".
Banyan Ayurvedic Benefits
Banyan is most commonly used to increase masculine strength.  While most people use expensive medicines like Viagra to increase their strength, people still use Banyan fruit in the village.  Its biggest feature is that Viagra also has many side effects while this banyan fruit does not have any side effects.

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The banyan fruit removes the secret disease.
 In addition to increasing potency, he also cures many latent diseases.  By using it, early fall, dreaming, weakness, discharge, thinning of semen and all other problems related to semen disappear.

 Also, it removes all kinds of problems related to sex.  In the last several years, the problem of low mobility among men is quite evident.  In this problem, the sperm of men is not able to remain in the woman's body for a long time, due to which women have problems in conceiving.  Also, sometimes men also have problems with premature ejaculation.

 In such a situation, people are not able to enjoy married life to the fullest.  For the treatment of this problem, people get treatment from big regents and doctors.  But there is no result.  While banyan fruit is very effective for this problem.

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 Its use is very cheap and gives amazing results.  This immediately increases the quality and quality of the sperm.  With which you can enjoy your married life to the fullest.  It is a panacea treatment for patients suffering from sperm disease and weakness.

 ,, Low makes sex very high if it is consumed regularly ,,

 Benefits of banyan fruit

 Banyan tree medicinal properties are mine.

 Early fall Dreaming Reduction in lust Lack of work Reluctance of work Semen thinning Other disorders of semen Weak sperm Method of use Banyan flower work is full of strength and spermic properties.

 Banyan tree produces small red fruits like plum.  Break these fruits.  Do not let it fall to the ground.  Then dry these fruits in the shade by laying cloth in the ground.  Then grind the dried fruits into stone and make powder.  Do not use iron at all while drying or grinding.  Do not bring these fruits in contact with iron at all.  Now add powdered sugar candy equal to its weight in this powder.

Banyan medicinal properties

Banyan Ayurvedic Benefits
 Now reserve this powdered sugar candy and banyan fruit powder in an earthen pot.  Now eat one spoon of this powdered mixture with milk every morning and evening.  This will fix the problem of early fall and the desire for Kama Shakti will be strengthened so that the person will be able to enjoy the marital life to the fullest.

Banyan's very miraculous recipe, which is very much covering the masculine power, which is a must for men.  Eat milk in empty stomach (Vatasa) in the morning and do not take anything for about an hour.  If you do this for one month, all problems will be eliminated.

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