do not preach, follow the preaching

do not preach, follow the preaching

Hello friends, welcome to this post, do not preach, follow the preaching, it is said that sometime Nahush son Yayati had asked the sage Buddha and the saintly soul, Buddha.  You preach me in a way that brings peace.  Who is such an intellect whose shelter you think of, calm and blissful.
do not preach, follow the preaching

do not preach, follow the preaching

 Bodhyanekha- Rajan!  I do not preach to anyone.  Rather conduct according to the preaching of others.  I tell you the signs of the sermon you have received.  Think about it yourself.  Pingala, Kurarpakshi, Snake, Sarang, Arrowmaker and Kumari – these are my six gurus.
 King!  Hope is very strong, happiness is only in despair.  Pingala slept happily, turning Asha into despair.  A piece of meat was taken from the Kurer bird.  He started killing other birds.  Then he was relieved by throwing that piece.  The snake lives on by entering into a house built by others. So it is a sad feeling to get into the pit of a house.  There is no happiness in it.  Just as a dyed bird hates no one
 By doing non-violence they do their living.  In the same way, the sages live their lives happily, taking shelter of begging.

 I am engrossed in concentration.

 Once saw an arrow maker.  He was such a figure in his work.  That he did not even know the ride of the king that passed through him.  A virgin girl was paddy.  This led to the sound of bangles on his hand.  He hesitated and broke everyone and let only one bangle in both hands.  This stopped his word.  With this I decided that if a lot of people live together then there is discord among them.  And even if two are left, there is talk.  Therefore, I will also walk alone as a single bangle of that virgin.  It is important to consider the sermon rather than preaching.
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