The superiority of luck and effort.

The superiority of luck and effort.

 Hello friends, in today's post, the superiority of fortune and effort, Vashisht ji asked Brahma Ji - 'God!  Who has superiority in destiny and human endeavor.
The superiority of luck and effort.
 Brahma Ji said-

 Nothing is produced without seeds.  Seed is produced from seed itself.

 The farmer gets the seed as he goes to the field and gets the fruit accordingly.

 In the same way deeds like virtue or sin are done.  The same result is obtained.

 Like, seeds cannot be produced without sowing in the field.  Similarly, destiny also does not work without effort.

 Superiority of fortune and effort

 A person who performs a deed experiences the fruits of his good or bad deeds himself.  This is evident in the world.

 Doing auspicious actions brings happiness and suffering from sin.  A man of all sorts gets respect everywhere.

 But what is useless, he experiences unbearable grief like sprinkling salt on the wound.

 Man attains good fortune and many different kinds of gems through penance.

 In this way, everything can be got by karma, but the worthless one sitting on luck does not get anything from it.

 By making effort in this world, all these attain heavenly prestige and scholarly achievement.

 The constellation Snake Yaksha Moon, Sun and Wind Yadi are deities making effort to go from human beings to deities.

 Those who do not do industry cannot get wealth, opulence or even rare Lakshmi.

 The stingy eunuch industry does not get money from a man who is stealing from inferior work and inferior to solar and austerity.

 One who does not make effort only sits on God.  He suffers in vain like a woman who makes a eunuch a husband.

 On making effort, a person gets fruits according to the deity, but if sitting quietly, the deity cannot give any fruit to anyone.

 Gods too often cause severe disturbance in religious work with the fear of defeat.

 But what can he do to a virtuous man.

 Superiority of fortune and effort

 In the past, King Yayati Dev Bash became corrupt from heaven, even then his grandchildren brought him back to heaven with their virtuous deeds.

 Similarly, the locality, son Rajarshi Pururava also attained to heaven by the Brahmin's penance.

 For example, even a spark of fire can ignite with the help of air and take great form.

 Similarly, God also grows up with the help of effort.

 Just as the lamp is extinguished after the oil is exhausted, the god is also destroyed due to the destruction of karma.

The superiority of luck and effort.

 A worthless person can not consume them even after having a huge wealth of various kinds of indulgence and women.

 Those who have become poor due to charity, such gods also reach the goddess due to his act.

 Therefore, his house becomes like a better heaven than the human world.

 But where there is no donation, even if the house is full of infinite prosperity, it is like cremation in the eyes of the gods.

 In the world, inferior human beings do not thrive.

 God does not have enough strength to bring a man lying in the roadway to the sunrise.

 Just as the disciple walks ahead of the Guru, in the same way, God follows the Purushartha.

 The accumulated effort takes God wherever he wants.

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