The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata

The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata
Hello friends welcome. Your guest hospitality is going to tell the story of Sudarshan about hospitality in today’s post.
The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata
 A householder has conquered death by taking shelter of religion.
 An ancient history example is given in that subject.

 Introduction to hospitality, Sudarshan

 Prajapati Manu had a son.  Whose name was Ikshvanku.
 King Ikshvanku was as stunning as the Sun.  His hundred sons were the tenth son’s name was Dashashva.
 Who ruled in the city of Mahishmati.  He was very righteous and true mighty.
 His son was also very religious.  He became famous on this planet by the name of King Madirashva.
 Dhritiman was born from Madirashva.  Which was great stunning.  He had a son named Subir.
 Subir was born to Durjay and Durjay to Duryodhana.
 Which was like Kanti Maan like Ashwani Kumar.  His might was like Indra.
 He never withdrew from the struggle.  Indra used to rain well in his kingdom.
 The city was full of various types of rattan animals and money.
 There was no humble patient or weak man in his nation.
 He never praised her falsely.  Truth spoke, gave donations and did not insult anyone.
 He was an accomplished scholar of Ved Vedangau.

 The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata

 Once, the river Dev Narmada became enamored of him and became his wife. 
Reed this-Victory of defeat. Story of victory defeat
  Duryodhana produced a lotus locus girl from her womb.
 Whose name was Sudarshana.  She was also beautiful as per name.
 Before that the world beautiful woman was not born in the world.  The fire god became enamored of the princess Sudarshana.
 Taking the form of a Brahmin, he asked the king for that girl.
 The king sought this boon from Lord Agni as the fee of the girl.
 O fire god!  You have to always be close to this city to protect it.
 Agni accepted the king’s prayer by saying Aastmastu.
 Since then, the presence of Agnidev began to exist near the city of Mahishmati.

 Guest Birth Story of Sudarshan.

 Tadantar- King Duryodhana decorated the girl with cloth ornaments and dedicated her to Agni Dev.
 And Agni made Sudarshana his wife according to the Vedic method.
 Agnidev was very pleased to see his form, nature, class, body, body and beauty.
 He thought of conceiving in it.  After some time, she had a son from her womb.
 Which was named Sudarshan.  He was as graceful as a full moon.
 And he had knowledge of Sanatan Parabrahma in his childhood.
 In those days Oghwan, the grandfather of King Nriga, ruled this earth.
 There was a girl named Oghavati, who was a beauty like Devakanya.
 He himself came and provided his daughter Sudarshana as a wife.
 Staying in Kurukshetra with Sudarshan Oghavati, he started following the household religion.
 He was very intelligent and brilliant.  He vowed that I would conquer death even as a householder.
 Thoughts of hospitality
 One day Sudarshan said to his wife Oghavati, Kalyani!  You should never be against the wishes of any guest.
The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata
 Always give whatever the guest is satisfied with.
 If there is an opportunity to donate your body, never think otherwise.
 Because there is no other religion for the householder than guest service.
 If you accept my word then you should always remember this.
 Hearing this, Oghavati folded her arms and said in the head.
  , Prannath! By your command there is no such thing which I cannot do.

 The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata

 Thereafter, one day Agni son Sudarshan went out to bring the sacrifice.
 At the same time, a Brahmin came to his house as a guest and started saying to Oghavati.
  , Beautiful!  If you householders respect Chit Dharma, then welcome me.
 On the saying of a Brahmin, the Yashaswini girl worshiped him with the Vedokta method.
 Asking the posture and the half-way, asked, Viprawar!  What item do you need
 What do I offer to you?  The Brahmin said, Kalyani!  I work with you only.
 If you believe in household religion, then do your favorite work by donating your body.
 Rajakanya very much requested the Brahmin to ask for any other desired item.
 But he did not ask for anything other than his body.
 Then he remembered the command of his master and he blushed, yes;  Saying that, he accepted the statement of the Brahmin.

 The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata

 Then the Brahmin smiled and entered the house with Oghavati.
 After some time Agni son Sudarshan returned with Samidha and reached the door of the ashram and started calling his wife.
 He repeatedly asked, “Goddess! Where have you gone, but that state girl did not give any answer to her master.”
 The Brahmin, who came as a guest, touched her with both hands.
 Due to this she was considering herself as corrupt.  So ashamed of Swami, she kept quiet, could not speak anything.
 Then Sudarshan then cried and started saying.  Where is my lady
 Where did she go, which gurus did more work than my service.
 Why does my loving wife always remain simple and speak the truth, and does not welcome me today, smiling as before.

 The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata

 Hearing this, the Brahmin sitting inside the ashram replied. Agni Kumar you should know that I am a Brahmin.
 And I have come to your house as a guest, your lady has pledged to fulfill my wish through guest guest.
 Then I have done it.  Accordingly, this Sumukhi has appeared in my service.
 So now do what you think is appropriate.  But Sudarshan had also abandoned jealousy and anger with mind, speech, eye, and action.
 He laughed and said, I am very happy with this.
 Because worshiping the guest at home is the biggest religion for the householder.
 The guest who comes to the Grahastath’s house goes to worship.  There is no religion other than that mentioned for him.
 My life, my woman and all the wealth that I have is good for all the guests.
 I have kept this fast  Earth, air, sky, water, light, intelligence, soul, mind, time, and directions, – these 10 gods always look at their sinful virtue by staying in the body of beings.
 As soon as Sudarshan says this, your voice is true from all four directions.
 There is not even a lace of lies in it.  He then exited the Brahmin Ashram.
 Speaking to Preeti Sudarshan, speaking the love to all three people with a voice friendly to education, he spoke.
 Agnikumar be your welfare I am religion and came here to test your truth.
 I am very happy to know that you are true.

 The story of hospitality Sudarshan Mahabharata

 You always followed this death looking for your hole.  have won.
 Death has come under you after being defeated by your patience.
 Male superior Your woman is very virtuous and saintly.
 No man has such power within the three worlds that he can see it with an eye to it.
 It is always safe from your qualities through your husband.  Nobody can overcome it.
 Hospitality is our ultimate duty.  We should respect the guest.
 If someone comes to our door, then we should provide proper place and service sense to welcome and sit lovingly Thank you,

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