One or two good Yashpal story in foreign country

One or two good Yashpal story in foreign country's

Hello friends, in our post, one to two good stories in Pardesh are very old, a young man named Yashpal lived in a village.
As a child, the mind used to be restless and restless due to the moving of the mother.
The step mother’s behavior was not good, so the decision to go to foreign countries after getting fed up was always in the mind.
One or two good Yashpal story in foreign country's
An old person lived outside the village. Who used to say very little and whenever he used to speak, he used to say priceless.
He was sincere and virtuous. Whenever Yashpal was beaten by the fire of half-step, then he used to go to that old man.
And he used to narrate the entire situation of grooming his agony and step mother.
In many ways, the old man used to understand and send him home.
Also, advising not to leave the house, he would say – Yashpal son! Nobody is criticized in foreign countries.
Suddenly which time circle comes up, but the old man had tested the part 2 of Yashpal.
He knows that its inaccessible misery stream cannot be stopped. Yashpal’s heart had passed from the step pan.

Story of two good Yashpal in Pardesh

Finally one night Yashpal wanted to meet the old man before he decided to leave.
He left the house in the silence of the night, there was darkness all around.
The sounds of the insects were shivering in the silence of the night, and were making a deep fright.
He called the elder, the old man came out of his hut, he looked at Yashpal and said Yashpal! How have you come so many nights?
Yashpal told the old man about his condition of going abroad.
Then the old man said that a person coming out of the house is like dying, so whatever should be found at home should be satisfied.
But Yashpal’s inner soul was not testifying to return.
So he did not want to go back. Then the old man said my words! take a note.

One or two good Yashpal story in Pardesh

There are two good ones in foreign countries, take care of it. Yashpal walked with tears in his eyes after getting permission from the old man.
Repeatedly looked back and walked forward remembering his moments. After fixing some floors, one reached the lake in the morning.
One or two good Yashpal story in foreign country
When the fire started running, a canker living in the lake said, “Brother, take me with you too.”
Bored while living here, now I want to see the human world.
Yashpal Hey! What are you doing and how will you go with me and what will you do.
But Kenkada refused to leave.
But Yashpal remembered the old thing before Kenkada would say anything.
There are one to two good in a foreign country.
Just a little thought! is
Saying this, Kankera got tied up in his pot and started walking. After some distance, I went to rest in the shadow of a large tree tree to eliminate fatigue.
Near the same tree was a very large bulimic (sneke bill), in that bill there was a terrible poisonous snake.
The snake’s best friend, the crow, also lived on the same tree.
Yashpal quickly fell into deep sleep due to tiredness.
The crow thought that this man is tying some food item.
But he did not come near due to fear.
He thought of a way to call his friend Snake who lived in the same bill.
To facilitate his task, the crow asked the snake to bite him.

One or two good Yashpal story in Pardesh

Kenkada was listening carefully to both. But as he was tied in the bundle, he was thinking quietly and waiting for his intelligence.
Then the snake came and bothered him. Yashpal’s condition had worsened due to poison.
One or two good Yashpal story in foreign countryOne or two good Yashpal story in foreign country
He was about to die in some time. The crow thought that now that he is dead, he will eat whatever he has to eat.
As soon as the crows pressed the bundle with the beak, Kankade pressed her beak harder.
The crow started fluttering and shouting, leave me.
Then Kankade said, first ask your friend to take all the poison of my friend’s body, then we will leave you.
The crow called the snake and said friend, save me, my life is in danger.
Seeing the condition of his friend, the snake pulled all the poison of Yashpal.
After some time, Yashpal came to a lot of chastity and thanked his friend Kenkad.
And remembered the said statement of old, one to two good in foreigners.

The meaning of one to two good stories in foreigners–

When we leave from home, we need a friend.
On leaving home, our partner is our friend only.
Our family members do not exist there.
We may need one friend to go out from one to two in foreign countries.
Who can support outside without a friend?
Friendship in Pardes is similar to a ferry crossing in deep water.
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