Advantages and information of Purnanwa

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Advantages and information of Purnanwa

Advantages and information of Purnanwa

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Advantages and information of Purnanwa
 This drug is nectar juice for women.
 Punarnava – Punarnava has three castes.
White flower poisoner.  Sati with red flowers.  And the blue flower is called blue Punarnava.
 Grind the root of white flower and mix it with ghee and apply it to the eyes. Apply it on the eyes when itching occurs.

 Boil the patient of night blindness in cow dung, with peepal and apply it in the eye, it provides relief in night blindness.
 Lal Punarnwa means Sathitravi and is cold.
 Which eliminates respiratory problems, phlegm, bile and blood disorders.

 Advantages and information of Purnanwa

 For lever
 If you also have inflammation problem in your liver, then the root of Punarnava can prove to be very beneficial for you. By boiling the bark of drumstick and the root of Punarnava in water and giving it to the patient, the patient feels benefited.
 Kidney cleaning- Kidney is one of the important organs of our body.
 Apparently it cleanses various impurities from our body.
 But have you ever thought that they also require cleaning.  Punarnava is the only herb that cleanses the kidneys.  Even in kidney stones, its benefits have been seen.  Taking 10 to 20 grams decoction of Punarnava plant every day cures all disorders of the kidney.
 To remain young as it is a virtue of the benefits of Punarnava, it has the name and it has the quality of being green again.
 In the same way, it also has the ability to make you young again.

 Advantages and information of Purnanwa

 Take two spoons of fresh root juice of Punarnava regularly for two to three months, by doing this you will feel fresh in your body and you will also feel young.
 The prostate consists of a small gland in our body, below the bladder and near the urinary tube.
Which we know by the name of prostate.  Prostate problems usually occur after the age of 50 in men.  The powder of Punarnava roots proves very beneficial for dealing with this problem.

 In this, the skin color of the body and eyes starts yellow.
 Along with this, symptoms like yellowness, fever and weakness in the urine also start appearing.

For this one should use Punnava's almanac.
 That is, taking honey and sugar candy in the root, bark, leaf, flower and seed of Punarnava is beneficial.

 Rena gives sleep to Chana

 Sleeplessness is becoming common in insomnia these days.

Advantages and information of Purnanwa
 Whenever you feel that you are suffering from sleeplessness, you should seek help from Punarva.  Using 50 to 100 ml decoction of Punarnava makes us sleep deeply.
 In arthritis-
In arthritis, in which joint pain is used to relieve this pain, you need to drink 1 gram powder of Punarnava root mixed with ginger and camphor.  It provides great relief in arthritis.
 Watery eyes can be revived if there is burning or swelling in the eyes.  Grind its root with honey or milk and apply on the eyes to relieve itching, swelling and other problems.

 Advantages and information of Purnanwa

 In asthma, taking powder of Punarva root mixed with 500 mg turmeric powder with lukewarm water twice a day, you are also able to combat asthma like disease.

Advantages and information of Purnanwa
  for skin-
Punarva help can also be taken to deal with various skin problemsproblems.
 Punarnava works to fight various skin problems as well as bring glow to your skin.
 In the treatment of arthritis, make a decoction by mixing the root powder of Arnav with ginger and camphor, use this decoction for 7 days, this will eliminate problems related to arthritis and joint pain.

 Advantages, disadvantages and information of Purnanwa.

 Pregnancy loss Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid its use.  Because Punarnava acts as a diuretic.  So people with high blood pressure and kidney disease should use it carefully
 Waise to Ayurvedic jhuriyon ka koi side effect nahi hota hai

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