superiority of swami bhakti

superiority of swami bhakti

superiority of swami bhakti

swami bhakti

Superiority of Swami BhaktiThis story is the source of inspiration for the kindness of man and his thought ethos. 

    Characteristics of Dayalu and the virtues of devout men. Indra's interaction with parrot in this subject.  He is telling ancient history listen

     Superiority of Swami Bhakti

     It is a matter of Kashiraj's kingdom.  A witch hunter went out of the village with an extinguished arrow and started searching for Mrigou.  On going into a dense forest, he saw some antelope at a distance.

     He shot an arrow aiming at the antelope and he missed a great tree, and his sharp bishops spread all over the tree, causing its fruits and leaves.
     They fell and the tree began to dry slowly.  A parrot lived in its hollow for many days.  He had a great love for that tree.

     So he did not want to leave her even when she dried up.  He stopped going out, and also opted for bait;  So now he did not even speak.  In this way, that religious suk is grateful, just that tree also brought happiness to his body.

      Indra was surprised to see his equal patience, supernatural loyalty and equal increase in misery and happiness.
     He explained to the mind thinking that there is nothing surprising in this, because all kinds of things are seen in all beings everywhere.

    Indra descended on the earth and took the form of a

    Brahmin and said to that bird - the best suk among birds!  I ask one thing;  Why don't you leave this tree?

    On asking this type of Indra, the parrot bowed his head and said - Devraj! You are welcome.

      I have identified you with my Tapobal.  After listening to him, Indra said in his mind, what a wonderful science!  Asking the reason for his love for the tree, he said- Suk!  There are no leaves on this tree, no fruit, and now no bird lives on it.

      When such a huge forest is lying, then why do you live on this dry tree?  There are many trees here which are covered with hollow leaves, which are beautiful green in view and on which there are many fruit flowers to eat.

     The age of this tree has ended, it no longer has the power to thrive, and it has become inferior and inferior.  Therefore, think through your intellect and abandon this cold tree.

     Superiority of Swami Bhakti

     After listening to Indra, Dharmatma Suk exited his breath and said in a loud voice, "Devraj! I was born on this tree and have lived here and learned good qualities."  The one who protected me like his child and saved me from the attack of enemies.

     Therefore I have great devotion on this tree.

     I do not want to leave it and go somewhere, following the compassionate religion, in which case you are kindly giving this meaningless advice.
    The greatest religion has been described as the greatest religion for saintly men.

     When the gods have doubts about religion, then the solution is asked by you;  That is why you have been made the king of the gods, so do not ask me
    to abandon this tree;  Because when it was capable in every way, at that time, I took life with it and today when this power has become inferior, then leave it and go, how can this happen?

     Superiority of Swami Bhakti

    Superiority of Swami Bhakti

     Indra was happy to hear the soft voice of the parrot. Satisfied with his kindness, he asked you to ask for a bridesmaid.  Then the parrot said that this tree should be green like before.

      Indra was even more pleased to see his devotion and sentiment.
     He immediately showered nectar and pulled the tree.

      Then, due to the devotion of Shuk, new leaf leaves and beautiful branches in it, the tree became full of perfection.

      And that suk also came to Indraloka at the end of his age due to his compassionate behavior.  Just as the tree attained its lost power by

    attaining Shuk's cohabitation, in the same way every human being can prove his complete wishes by taking the support of a man who has devotion in himself.

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