Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

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Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy Hello friends, welcome to this post if you like to read touching and deep history  this post is very interesting and informative.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy
A king named Brahmadatta ruled in Kampilya Nagar.  A bird known as Poojani used to live in his end.
 She lived with him for a long time.  That bird understood the dialect of creatures similar to the special bird called ‘Jeevajeevak’
 And even after being born in Tirigyani, she was aware of all the omniscient and complete elements.
 One day she gave birth to a child in Ranivas, who was very strong.
 On the same day a child was born to her from the womb of the king’s queen.  That thankful worshiper bird wandering in the sky used to go to the beach every day and bring two fruits for those two children from there.
 She would give him one fruit to confirm her child and offer the other fruit to the king’s son to confirm that prince.

 The fruit that was brought from the venerable was as delicious as the nectar and the increase of strength and strength.
 She used to bring that fruit quickly to both of them.

and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 The prince became very strong by eating that fruit.
 One day Dhai was walking with that Rajputra in his lap.  He was a child, having a childlike nature, he saw the child of that bird and started playing with it diligently.
 Taking the bird born with him to the listened place, the prince killed it and after killing it, he sat in the lap of the foe.

 Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Subsequently when the priest returned with the fruit, he saw that the prince had killed his child and he was lying on the earth.
 Seeing such misfortune of her child, a stream of tears flowed on the face of the worshiper, and she started crying with grief and started saying like this
 – There should not be a feeling of consistency in the astronomy.  There is neither love nor harmony in him.  They condole others for self or for selfish reasons.

 When their work is out, they abandon the dependent.  The Kshatriyas do evil to all.
 Never trust them.  They always dishonor him by humiliating others.

 Look, how ungrateful, very cruel and disloyal this prince is.
 Well, today I will take revenge for this hatred.

 Those who are born and brought up together, worship and live in shelter, killing one such person takes the above three types of pathak.

 Saying this, Pujni ripped both the prince’s eyes with both his paws.

 She became immobile in the sky with her eyes closed and thus said- “The sin committed in this world voluntarily gets immediate results to the doer.”
 Whose sins are avenged, their predetermined good deeds are not destroyed.

 If Rajan does not see any result of the sin done here, then it should be understood that his sons, grandchildren and daughters will have to bear the consequences.

 Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

King Brahmadatta saw that Pujni cast her eyes to my son.  Then he realized that the prince had got his revenge.
Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Thinking this the king gave up his fury and said this to the priest.
 Brahmadatta – Worship!  We had committed your crime and you avenged it.
 Now the work of both of us is equal.  So stay here now.  Do not go anywhere else.
 His Holiness said – Rajan!  Once a person commits a crime and then takes shelter there, the learned men do not praise his work.

 It is his welfare to flee from there.  When there is enmity with someone, one should never believe in his smoothness.
 Because doing so does not extinguish the fire of hatred, that believing fool is killed soon.
 The envy of those who tie their envy hurts even sons and grandchildren.

 He does not leave the world even in the aftermath of the destruction of sons and grandchildren.
 For those who are haters of each other, the only way to achieve happiness is to not believe in each other.
 Faithful humans should not believe completely.  Do not believe what you do not believe.
 Do not believe too much on who deserves trust.
 Because fear arising from faith trumps the believer.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Even if it instills confidence in others towards you;  But do not trust others yourself.

 Mother and father are the best among the couples due to their natural affection.

 The destroyer (from being) of the wife semen is the idolized form of growth.  The son is his own share. Bhai (because of his share of wealth) is considered an enemy.
 And a friend is a friend as long as his selfishness is proved. Only the soul is said to enjoy happiness and sorrow.

 When there is a conflict, it is not right to make a treaty.  The purpose with which I have been here till now has ended.

 The one who is the first abusive creature is worshiped with charity and honor, even if his mind is not convinced.

 Unreasonable actions scare weak creatures.  Where there has been honor before, when there is insult behind, then every powerful man should abandon the place even if he is honored again.

 Rajan!  I have been in your house with great respect for many days.  But now this hatred has arisen;  That is why I will leave happily from here very soon.

 Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Brahmadatta said- Pujni!  Whoever does anything on his own in return for committing a crime does not commit any crime.

 Neither is considered a criminal.
 This makes the earlier criminal free.  That’s why you stay here.  Do not go anywhere

 His Holiness said – Rajan!  The one who is rejected and the one who rejects, cannot be reconciled.  The person who commits the crime and on whom it is done keeps knocking in the hearts of both of them.  Brahmadatta said- Pujni!  On taking revenge, the hatred becomes peaceful and the wrongdoer does not have to bear the fruits of that sin.

 Therefore, the mismatch between the perpetrator and the tolerant may occur again.

 His Holiness said – Rajan!  Thus there is never any peace.  One should never believe that ‘the enemy has consoled me’.

 By believing in such a situation one has to (sometimes) wash one’s life in the world.

 So it is good to go from there.
 Those who cannot be subdued by forceful weapons are also taken captive by sweet speech.

 Like elephants are captured with the help of elephants.
 Brahmadatta said – Pujni!  Even if those who perish the life start living together, a mutual affection arises in them and they also believe in each other;  For example, living with a Svapcha (Chandal) gives the dog a love and affection for him.
 The hatred of those who have been hated by each other is also softened by being together, so water does not stay like a lotus leaf.  Simila

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

His Holiness said – Rajan!  There are five reasons why hatred is well known by learned men.

 1. Female reasons

 2. Due to home and land

 3. Due to harsh speech

 4. Owing to your scolding and

 5. Due to a crime committed at some time.

 One who has tied a hat, should never believe such a heart.  As the fire is strewn within the wood, so is the enmity hidden in his heart.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Rajan!  Just as Badwanal is not peaceful in the sea in any way.  In the same way, anger is not peaceful either by money, nor by showing harshness, nor by persuasion by sweet words, nor by scripture.

 The fire of the flames that was ignited does not extinguish without damaging one side.

 And even crime-causing deeds are not peaceful without killing one side.

 He who has done the wrong before, should not believe the enemy even if he has been denied money and honor by the person who has done the wrong.

 Because the sinfulness done by itself scares the weak.

 Till now neither I had done any harm to you nor did you harm me.  That is why I used to live in your palace but I cannot trust you anymore.

 Brahmadatta said- Pujni!  Kaal itself does all the work and with the effect of Kaal, regular actions begin.  Who commits the crime in this?

 Birth and death – both these actions go on equally.

 And Kaal only makes them.  That is why the creature cannot survive.

 Some people are killed simultaneously;  Some die one by one.

 And many people do not die for long.

 Just as fire burns fuel and burns it, in the same way Kaal burns all beings.

 There is neither a real reason for the crime committed against each other nor I am for real.

 Time itself always eclipses or creates the happiness and sorrow of all flesh-bearers.  Reverence!  I will not do violence to you in any way.

 You live here happily according to your wish.

 I have forgiven what you have done and you must forgive me what I have done.

and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 His Holiness said – Rajan!  If you consider Kaal to be the cause of all actions, then no one should be at variance with anyone.

 Then why do their relatives take revenge when their brothers are killed.

 If only death, sorrow, happiness and prosperity etc. are accomplished from time immemorial.

 Then why did the gods and the Asuras fight each other in the past and killed each other.

 Why do the people of Vaidya aspire to do medicine for patients.

 If Kaal is cooking everyone, then what is the purpose of medicines?

 If you consider Kaal as the only proof, then why do the creatures who were sorrowed by mourning make great laments and cries.

 Then why has the rule of law-prohibited religion been kept for those who do the work.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Nareshwar!  Your son killed my child and I also destroyed his eyes.

 After this, you will kill me now.  Just as I was bereaved of son’s grief and sat in a sinful behavior towards your son, similarly you too can attack me.

 Hear from me the real thing here.

 Humans wish birds only for eating and playing.

 No contact with birds is seen in the third type except slaughter or confinement.
 Fearing slaughter and bondage, Mumukshulog takes shelter of Moksha-shastra.

 Vedvetta men say that the sorrow of birth and death is unbearable.

 Everyone loves their lives, everyone loves their sons.

 Everyone rises from sorrow and everyone desires happiness.
 Your Majesty Brahmadatta!  There are many forms of grief.  Old age is sorrow, destruction of wealth is sorrow, living with unpleasant people is sorrow and separation from loved ones is sorrow.

 Everyone is saddened by slaughter and bondage.

 There is sorrow because of the woman and also naturally.

 And if the son is destroyed, then people will always get sorrow from him.

and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Some foolish humans say that there is no sorrow in alien grief.

 But the same thing is said near the best men who do not know the essence of sorrow.

 One who mourns after suffering from sorrow and who knows the sorrow of grief of himself and everyone else.

 How can he say such a thing?

 Shatradaman Naresh!  Whatever you have done to me and what I have done in return.

 It cannot be forgotten even in hundreds of years.

 In this way, we can no longer reconcile because of the mutual harm to each other.

 By remembering your son, your hatred will be refreshed.

 In this way, who wants to fall in love when death is hated.

 That love of his is just as impossible, as the earthen pot does not connect once it splits.

 Faith is grieving, that is the surety of ethics.

 In ancient times Shukracharya also told two stories from Prahlada, which are as follows.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy 

 For example, humans who take honey placed on a pit covered with dry straw are killed.

 In the same way, those who believe in the false or true truth of Vary also die miserably.

 When a clan hates misery in a family, it does not calm down.

 Those who remind him remain.

 Therefore, as long as there is not a single male in the family, that hatred does not disappear.
 Nareshwar!  The people of evil nature keep enmity in mind and encourage the enemy with sweet words from above.

 After that, you get an opportunity and grind it, like someone slips a pit full of water on the stone.

 Rajan!  One should never believe in someone’s crime again.

 One who has to believe in others even in humiliation, has to suffer sorrow.

 Brahmadatta said – Pujni!  By disbelieving, man can never get the things he wants in the world, nor can anyone try for anything.

 If there is always fear in one side of the mind, then the humans will become dead – their life will be dust.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 The priest said- Rajan!  If he has got a wound in both his legs, then even if he continues to walk with those feet, then how much does he save?

 But by walking, the wounds will continue to occur again.

 A man who looks with his patient eyes towards the wind, his eyes certainly aggravate a lot of pain.

 One who does not understand his power and walks on an inaccessible path, his life ends there.

 The farmer who plots the fields without considering the time of rainfall.

 His effort goes in vain;  And with that plowing, he cannot get grain.

 A person who does pheasant every day, as pungent, astringent, savory or sweet, whatever, is as beneficial as nectar for him.

 But one who does not think about the consequences and leaves unattainable diet and feeds inaudible food.

 His life ends there.

 On the other hand, both efforts are made by each other, but men of liberal thoughts always do good deeds.

 And the eunuchs rely on the divine.  Hard or soft

 He should keep doing deeds.

 One who abandons karma, becomes poor and always remains a victim of sins.
 Therefore, one should leave the trust of all the things like Kaal, Daiva and Swabhava etc.

 Humans should do the same for their own benefit by putting a stake on every

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Knowledge, valor, skill, strength and fifth patience – these are the natural friends of five men.  Scholar men do all the work in this world only through them.

 Metals, fields, women, women and well-being, etc., homes, copper, etc. – are described as imperfect.

 Humans can find them everywhere.

 A learned man lives in bliss everywhere and is adorned everywhere.

 Nobody scares him and he is not scared even when he scares someone.

 If a wise person has a small amount of money, it also always grows.

 He is distinguished by restraint while working efficiently.

 A devious woman eats the flesh of human intellect, bound in the attachment of the house.

 That means it dries up, like a crab female destroys its offspring.

 Due to the opposite of intellect, many other human beings are always saddened by homes, fields, friends and their country etc.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 If your birthplace is also suffering from disease and famine, then you should move away from there for self-defense or go to residence elsewhere.

 If you have to stay there, then always be respectful.

 Bhupal!  I have treated your son wickedly, so I can no longer afford to live here, I will move to another place.

 Description of the king and superior qualities.

 Wicked bharya, wicked son, devious king, wicked friend, corrupt relations and

 The wicked country should be abandoned from afar.

 Kuputra can never be trusted.

 How can love be on the wicked Indian?

 Peace can never be found in the kingdom of devious king

 And there cannot be subsistence in a wicked country.

 Kumitra’s affection can never remain constant.

 So always be with him – it is impossible

 And where there is a corrupt relationship, there is humiliation when there is a difference in selfishness.

 The wife is the only one who says good words.

 The son is the only one who gets happiness.

 Friend is the best.

 The faith that remains and the country is also the best where livelihood can go.

 The king who is fiercely ruled is the best whose kingdom does not have rape.

 There should not be any kind of fear, which wants to follow the poor and whose foster relationship with the subjects should always be maintained.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 The country where the king is virtuous and virtuous, there are women, sons, friends and all those who are blessed with good qualities.

 People who do not know the religion, the atrocities of the subjects are destroyed.

 The king is the origin of religion, artha and kama.

 Therefore, he should be constantly careful and follow his subjects.

 One who consumes one sixth part of the income of the people and consumes it and does not follow the subjects well, he is a thief among the kings.
 The one who does not obey the people himself by giving gratitude to the people, commits the sins of the whole world and goes to hell.

 The king, who gives self-assurance by obeying the people rightly, proves his vows to be true, is considered a king who gives happiness to all.

 Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Seven qualities of man
 Prajapati Manu has given the seven qualities of the king, and according to him has given him the metaphor of mother, father, guru, protector, Agni, Kubera and Yama.
 The king who is always kind to the subjects.
 He is like a father to his nation.  The misconception he shows towards him.
 The man enters the vagina of the animal in the second birth.
 The king also takes care of the deeds and sorrows and obeys everyone, so he is like a mother.
 He keeps on burning the unpleasant people and his subjects.
 Therefore, it is like fire and suppresses the wicked and keeps them in control.

Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 That is why Yama is said.
 Priyajanen loots money openly and fulfills his wish.
 That is why it is similar to Kubera.

 Because of preaching the Dharma, the Guru and the protector are there to protect everyone.
 The king who appeals to the people of the city and the district with his qualities, his kingdom is never a pandemic.

 Because he continues to follow the religion himself.
 Who knows how to respect the people of the city and the villages themselves.
 He sees happiness everywhere in King Ihloka and Hereafter.
 Whose subjects always suffer from weight gain and are constantly enthralled, and many kinds of evils keep haunting him.

 That king attains defeat.
 On the contrary, one whose subjects get the same growth and development as lotus in the lake, he is a part of all kinds of virtues.
 And also gets respect in heaven.  Rajan!  Waging war with a strong man is never considered good.  For the one who got into a fight with the strongman, where is the kingdom and where is happiness.

 Raja and bird’s dialogue wary of enemy

 Bhishmji used to say that by saying this to Brahmadutt, that venerable bird took leave of him and went to the desired direction.  I have heard from you the conversation that King Brahmadatta had with the Pujni Chidiya.

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