Karma is the cause of death what is death

Karma is the cause of death what is death

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Karma is the cause of death, what is death
Karma is the cause of death, 
In the past, there was an old Brahmin named Gautami, who was engaged in the means of peace.

 One day he saw his only son bitten by a snake.  And he died.

 At this point, a fowler named Arjunak tied the snake in a trap.

 And unknowingly bringing him to Gautami and saying-

 Goddess!  This is the lowly serpent who takes the life of your son.

 Tell me quickly how do I forgive it?  Shake it in a burning fire or tear it into pieces.

 This sinner who killed a child is no longer able to live long.

 Karma is the cause of death, what is death

 Gotami said- Arjunak, you are immature, leave it.

 It is not worth killing, no one can avoid promising.

 Knowing this, even ignoring it, who will bear the burden of sin on himself?

 By killing it, my son cannot survive and leaving it alive will not harm anyone.

 Then after killing this living creature, who fell into infernal hell.

 Huntsman said- Goddess?  I know older people get sad after seeing any animal suffering.  These teachings are for a healthy man.

 My mind is getting upset, so I will definitely put this low snake.  You also give up the grief of your son on his death.

 Gautami said- People like me do not suffer the pain of son mourning.  Gentle men are always engaged in religion.

 This boy was going to die like this, so I disagree in killing this snake.

 You too should behave with tenderness and forgive the crime of this snake and leave it.

 The hunter said - MahaBhaga is the only advantage in killing the enemy.

 Gautami said-

 What is the benefit of capturing an arjuna enemy and killing him?  Which wish is attained by not getting rid of him?  Why don't I forgive the serpent's crime?  And why should I be deprived of the promise of salvation?

 The bride said - Gautami!  Many humans have to be saved with this one snake.  Because if it survives, many will be bitten.

 It is never appropriate to protect an organism by killing many lives.

 Men who know religion abandon the criminal, so you also kill this sinful snake.

 Karma is the cause of death, what is death

 In this way, Mahabhaga Gautami did not think of killing the snake even after repeated incitement of marriage.

 So, suffering from the bondage, breathing slowly, the snake with great difficulty handled himself and spoke in human speech.

 O!  Silly Arjunak What is my fault in this?  I am under control.

 Death has inspired me, because of that I have bitten this child.

 Not by anger or by will, if there is some crime in it.  So it is not mine but death.

 Huntsman said- O serpent, you have committed this sin by being subjected to another.  However, you are also the reason for this, therefore your crime is also.  Therefore, you should also be killed.

 Snake said- Despite the reason for making the pottery like punishments and chakras etc., it is subject to the potter.

 Therefore, I am not considered independent, similarly I am also subject to death.

 The crime you have inflicted on me is not good.

 The hunter said - even if you are the cause of the crime or not, the child has died because of you.

 That is why I consider you the objective.

 Low?  You are a child murderer and cruel.  Why is he making many things to prove himself innocent even after being eligible for the slaughter?

 The snake said - Huntsman?  Just like Yajaman, the Ritviz people offer sacrifices in the fire.

 But they do not get the result, I should not be punished for this crime;  Because in reality death is the culprit.

 Karma is the cause of death, what is death

 When the snake biting the child with this kind of inspiration was giving its cleaning like this.

 At the same time, death came and started saying like this - Serp!  I inspired you with the inspiration of Kaal.

 Therefore, I am neither the cause nor you nor I in the destruction of this child.

 Just as the wind blows the clouds here and there, I am also in the bus of time.  Satvik Revenue and Tamas are as much as expressions.  Beings are derived from the inspiration of all ages.  All the immovable movable substances in the earth or heaven are subject to all times.  This whole world is going to follow time.  The kind of tendency and retirement of religion and its fruits in the world are in the same period as Shab.

 Knowing this, why are you blaming me?

 If I can be accused in such a situation, then you are not innocent either.

 Karma is the cause of death, what is death

 Snake said - Death!  I neither blame you nor innocent.

 I say this much that you had inspired me to cut the child.

 Whether Kaal is also guilty in this matter?

 I do not want to investigate this.  And I have no right to investigate.

 But whatever blame has been placed on me, I must do it anyway.

 I do not mean to be proved guilty of death instead of me.

 Afterwards, the serpent said to Arjunak - now you have heard about death.

 I am completely innocent, so do not waste any time by tying me in bondage.

 Huntsman said - Snake!  I also listened to you and death, this does not prove your innocence.

 Both of you are the reason for the destruction of this child, so I consider both of them as criminals.

 Nobody considers it innocent, it is a shame to condemn this cruel and evil death that hurts gentlemen.

 Death said - Huntsman!  We are constrained to belong to both periods.  And he is going to obey.

 If you think well, we will not be guilty.

 Whatever work is going on in the world is done with the inspiration of time.

 Thus, things were happening in them, till then Kaal came there.

 And, aiming at the snake, death, and whaleia, he started saying - Abstinence!  Snake, I, death, and none of this is criminal.

 We are not persuasive in the death of beings, this child has died due to the actions he did.

 This is the reason for its destruction.

 Like the potter who makes the utensil from the clay loam.

 In the same way, man consumes different kinds of fruits according to his deeds.

 Just as both incense and shade always meet each other, in the same way, karma and karma are also related to each other.

 By thinking in this way, I, the death snake, or any of the same brahmini is not the reason for the death of a child.  The home child is the cause in his / her own death.

 Karma is the cause of death, what is death

 On saying this type of time, the Gautami Brahmin decided that a man gets the fruits according to his actions.

 So he said to Arjunak - Vayadh, there is no reason for death or death in this child's death.

 It is dead by its own act, you leave the snake.

 In the end, saying so, time and death also went to their respective places.  In this way, the death snake came as it came and the grief of Arjunak and Gautami Brahmani also went away.

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