Holi festival Indian culture

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Holi festival Indian culture

Holi festival Indian culture

  Hello friends, if you like to read interesting posts, then this post is for you, stay with us till the end.  Holi festival Indian culture It is a very ancient festival it is celebrated in the month of spring (February).
Holi festival Indian culture
  On this day, everyone plays with colors big and young.

  Holi is a festival of colors, which is celebrated every year by the people of Hinduism with great fanfare, in the month of Phalgun (March).  This festival full of enthusiasm brings us affection and closeness to each other.  In this, people meet together, paint each other and paint and embrace.

  Holi festival - celebrated in every city of Kantu, started in Mathura city near Agra in Uttar Pradesh about 5000 years ago by Lord Krishna, son of Vasudev who is celebrated with joy till today.

  Shri Krishna was the son of Vasudeva, he was born (August) on Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha Ashtami.

  Brij's Holi is very delightful and attractive.  The entire Braj Dham becomes colored.  Seven colors are seen throughout Brijdham.  This festival looks very spectacular at the birthplace of Shri Krishna in Mathura.  It lasts for at least 7 days and is celebrated with gopis, in which Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Govardhan, Barsana, Nand villages are prominent.

  During this time all together sing religious and phagun songs to the tune of Dholak, Harmonium and Kartal (Hands Kital).

  On this day, we eat specially made gujhiya, papad, pudding, pani-puri and dahi-baade etc.  Holika Dahan is performed the day before the festival of Holi.  It is a festival of entertainment and entertainment. All Hindu people celebrate it with great enthusiasm and warmth.  This festival generates a feeling of love and brotherhood among the people.

  Holi Dahan and circulation.

  The festival of Holi, thousands of years ago, there was a king named Hiran Kashyap. His sister's name was Holika and her son was Prahlad.  Prahlada was a pure soul who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu.  While his father wanted everyone to worship him, including Prahlada.  But this was not appropriate for the devotee Prahlada.  And he only worshiped Lord Vishnu.
Holi festival Indian culture

  Angered by this, his father planned to burn him with fire.  He told his sister Holika to take Prahlad in his lap and sit in the fire because Holika had a boon from God that the fire would not burn her.

  To obey her brother's command, Holika thought of sitting in the fire, and with Prahlad in her lap, she sat in a huge burning fire but the opposite happened.  Prahlad did no harm.  Rather, Holika burnt to ashes in this fire.  Holi festival was born out of this story.

  Importance and intention of Holi.

  The festival of Holi is celebrated every year by the people of Hinduism as a victory of good against demonic power.  In this festival of colors, they celebrate Holi by applying color and gulaal to each other. People embrace each other and inspire them to walk on the true path.

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