dussehra festival and story

dussehra festival and story

Hello friends welcome to your Dussehra festival and story post.  This post is very interesting and informative for you. Dashara is a famous Hindu festival.
 Which is celebrated with joy all over India.

dussehra festival and story
 Dussehra is celebrated as a triumph of truth over lies.  Hence it is also called Vijay Dashami.

 On the day of Dussehra, Lord Rama killed the egoistic king of Lanka, the demon king Ravana.

 Ravana had ten heads, hence this festival is called Dussehra.

 The festival of Dussehra signifies the victory of truth over untruth.  The demon king Ravana killed Mata Sita to avenge the insult of his sister, Souparnakhan.

 Then Shri Ram, with the help of Veer Hanuman and Vanar Raj Sugriva, conquered Ravana by tying the bridge over the sea and climbing over Lanka.

 Rama established peace all over the world.

 By slaying Darshanan Ravana, Shri Rama declared Vibhishana the king of Lanka and brought Mother Sita back to Ayodhya.

 Dussehra or Vijayadashami festival is celebrated all over India with great fervor and great pomp.  This festival worships the valor of Indian culture.

 Dussehra is one of the most popular festivals in India. People celebrate it with great enthusiasm and beliefs. The festival is celebrated every year in the month of September or October, two weeks before the festival of Diwali. Celebration of this festival in different regions of India  There are different ways and traditions to celebrate. This festival is of ten days.  Hindus celebrate it by worshiping Goddess Durga.  People fast on Navratri.

 People believe that Goddess Durga has nine forms.

 The nine forms of Goddess Durga Maa are worshiped during these nine days, hence these nine days are also called Durga Puja and the tenth day Dussehra.

 The tenth day of Dussehra is celebrated by holding a big fair or Rama Leela.

 People in Rama Leela depict the dramatic life of Lord Rama.

dussehra festival and story
 Finally, people burn effigies of Ravana to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama with the sound of firecrackers showing Ravana killed.

 Dussehra festival and story

 On the day of Dussehra, people go home to each other and apologize for the mistakes they have made.

 And with a harp, they feed each other and hug and plead to forget the errors made in the whole year.

 Famous dussehra mysore

 Dussehra is celebrated everywhere.  But not like Mysore.

 Mysore in Karnataka is counted among the historical and amazing tourist destinations of South India.
 Where every year a number of crores of tourists come from abroad.
 The main attraction of this city is the Mysore Palace here.  Which is famous for its grandeur and grandeur.
 Apart from this, many ancient structures exist in Mysore.  Which can be seen during the journey.
 Apart from all this, this ancient city is also known worldwide for its Dussehra celebrated every year.
 Hardly such Dussehra is celebrated in any other corner of India.

 Thus the tradition of celebrating Dussehra is prevalent

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